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Introducing The Transformation Management Blog
Rob Llewellyn·3 September 2019·Thought Leaders
...that period, my career has moved from project management to transformation management, and in more recent years I’ve had the pleasure of providing transformation advice and guidance to C-level executives Read More...· 4 Shares
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Embracing digital transformation and cloud with confidence
Mark Mchale·22 October 2018·Enabling Technologies
...Organisations are adopting digital transformation strategies to keep up with the latest changes in their markets. Research recently conducted by IDG revealed 89 per cent of enterprises have Read More...· 115 Shares
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The First Law of Digital Innovation
George Westerman·7 April 2019·Strategy & Innovation
...of digital transformation. Or we can just call it George’s law. It goes like this: Technology changes quickly, but organizations change much more slowly. This law is the reason that Read More...· 220 Shares