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Designed for business leaders, functional leads and head of department you may have found yourself thrust into the throes of digital transformation. Whatever your discipline, everyone is affected and has a role to play but where do you start and what’s the right way to achieving a successful digital transformation? 

As much as 80% of digital transformations fail; they are notoriously difficult to get right and very often it comes down to 2 things: people and knowledge. 

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The Digital Transformation People community is designed to connect you to the knowledge you need to get started and continually learn from experts and your peers across disciplines. From leading digital transformation, through to strategy and innovation and how to organise for success we’ll keep you up to speed.

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seems it packs a punch !!


“I found it very useful, great content


“I really like what your community is built around– very timely! And the organizational principles are a really nice match for my business.”


Experts and practitioners are invited onto the platform by us to curate the best articles for you to learn from and are available to coach and guide you through the challenges of transformation should you desire it. 

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