Customer Experience powered by Human Analytics

Customer Experience powered by Human Analytics

In today’s dynamically changing technology-driven world, digital penetration is playing a key role in revolutionizing the customer experience. The existence of the internet is no longer limited to emails or video calls with dear ones. Social media channels such as Facebook and WhatsApp have diversified beyond their initial remit.

This is all due to the ever changing need for such innovative inventions. Customer experience is another product which is similarly affected by this revolution.

Increasing digital penetration is enhancing consumer awareness towards the latest trends in the world of technology, thereby equipping those customers with the ability to make smart buying decisions. The key thing to be noted here is the dynamically changing human psychology.

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Nowadays, companies are leaving no stone unturned to increase their market penetration on the digital platforms to achieve maximum customer acquisition. On the flip side, consumers are equally exploring every possible platform to express their dissatisfaction/happiness towards these companies, which is ironic in that it creates a significant impact on the company’s brand value. Organisations must accept their flaws and mistakes to ensure consumer concerns are acknowledged.

In order to deliver an impressive customer experience, the organisations need to significantly think towards customer retention & not just customer acquisition. Performing smart analytics on the key consumer attributes listed below would deliver insights about consumer trends, thereby leveraging organisations to take strategic decisions.

  • Behaviour
  • Sentiments
  • Emotions
  • Feedback
  • Queries
  • Suggestions

Customer experience is evolving from B2B and B2C. It is now H2H (Human to Human). Gauging consumer perception with maximum precision by targeting human psychology is the future of customer experience.

The sooner the organisations adapt to new trends, the quicker it could generate the benefits listed below:

  • Easier to be competitive
  • Best returns on investment
  • Increased loyal customer base
  • Niche products
“Inside every negative response from a consumer, lies an opportunity for improvement”

Disclaimer: The views presented are strictly personal with no reference to any individual, organisation or product.

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