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Organizational transformation for scaling the edge
John Hagel·11 July 2019·Thought Leaders
...Everyone’s talking about business transformation these days. But achieving transformation is no easier than it sounds. Defining what transformation means is a challenge in itself, and a much Read More...· 119 Shares
What Is Digital Transformation, and How Do We Get There?
·25 April 2019·The Case For Digital Transformation
...In enterprise technology, digital transformation is a hot topic. But what does it really mean? Overused by vendors and consultants, the phrase has become nearly meaningless. This needs Read More...· 2 Shares
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Innovation or ERP: which path will digital transformation follow?
Jeffrey Phillips·20 January 2020·Delivery
...customers and prospects. Everyone wants to know about digital transformation. Admittedly, teaching a class on digital transformation keeps it forefront in my mind. From all of this interaction, I’ve been Read More...· 0 Shares
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Transformation Habits | Rob Llewellyn
Rob Llewellyn·7 March 2019·Thought Leaders ensure their people go about their work with the right behaviors and systems, to achieve the objectives required to reach the company’s transformation goals. Transcript Whether the aim is Read More...· 0 Shares