Spring Edition News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People #28

News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People #28

More news, views and how to’s for Digital Transformation in this Spring Edition which isn’t pulling any punches. Kicking off with Neil Rainey’s latest Executive Book Summary you’ll learn how to get real business impact from your innovation initiatives as he teases the wisdom from ‘Scaling Up Corporate Start-Up by innovation gurus Frank Mattes and Dr Ralph-Christian Ohr.

Follow that with Michael Wade as he looks at why most transformation initiatives fail; leadership needs to learn how to break free from legacy thinking and constraints if they are to become unencumbered incumbents. And finally, with many more great articles to read make sure you don’t miss advertising veteran Martin Weigel’s passionate piece on why your strategy will fail if you don’t get the narrative right. Push on past the first paragraph and you will be rewarded!

~ Tim Ellis, CEO and Founder
The Digital Transformation People

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Scaling-up Corporate Start-ups by Frank Mattes and Dr Ralph-Christian Ohr: An Executive Summary
By Frank Mattes and Dr. Ralph-Christian Ohr
Read the latest in our series of Executive Book Summaries as Neil Rainey teases the wisdom out of ‘Scaling-up Corporate Start-ups’ by Frank Mattes and Dr Ralph-Christian Ohr in which they share their research on how to turn innovation concepts into
business impact. An important book, well worth reading.

Executive Summary by Neil Rainey Frank Mattes Scaling Up


Can you win with external partners?
By Stefan Lindegaard
Here’s a nice post from Stefan Lindegaard listing some of the elements to have in mind when trying to build the environment, frameworks and conditions that are needed if you want to win through innovation with external partners.

Strategy needs good words
By Martin Weigel
Every strategy needs a narrative because “If you can’t put your strategy into words others cannot follow.” An impassioned piece from advertising veteran Martin Weigel who says “No, this isn’t about f*cking storytelling in advertising. It’s about something much more important”. Much to learn here if you can get past the first paragraph *&^%$!

Is digital transformation sticking to the wall, or losing its meaning?
By Brian Solis and Diginomica 
Jon Reed of Diginomica debates with Brian Solis on the findings of Altimeter’s fifth annual digital transformation report.


Six Agile Product Development Myths – Busted
By Mike Cohn
Organizations adopt an agile approach for many reasons; from improved productivity and reduced time to market to better collaboration. There are many benefits to agile but there seem to just as many fallacies too.

4 steps to becoming an awesome agile developer
By Daniel Oh
There’s no magical way to do it, but these practices will put you well on your way to embracing agile in application development, testing, and debugging.


A guide to building Agile culture
By Peter Abraham and Michael Crowe
Peter Abraham, author of Building the Agile Business through Digital Transformation introduces his latest research into the importance of building an agile culture. You can download the full report here too.

A Few Thoughts On Patagonia’s Culture Of Collaboration
By Michal Gradshtein
Michal Gradshtein reports on how to create a passion for the organizational mission, effective collaboration and enhance innovation and growth through diversity too.


Technology disruption & the transformation of the global top 250 retailers
By Tony D’Onofrio
Tony D’Onofrio reports on the 2019 Deloitte Global Powers of Retailing industry research which provides a detailed growth trajectory review of the global top 250 retailers.

Beware the Inbound Marketing Trap
By John Mancini
B2B marketing and sales is not the same as B2C. It’s more complex than you might at first assume so many who are failing in their content marketing initiatives need to understand the non-linear realities of the customer journey.


Introducing Signaloud Gloves
Translating sign language gestures into audio and text created by two Washington University students are coursing a stir. Thanks to David Ivell for this one.

The State of AI in 2019
By James Vincent
A look at what’s happening in artificial intelligence right now; perhaps not the real deal yet but machine learning certainly is.

12 open source tools for natural language processing
By Dan Barker
With the proliferation of speech applications powered by Natural language processing (NLP) there’s now a wide variety of open source tools to choose from; here a summary of what’s available.

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Accelerating digital transformation – Top priorities of talent leaders TechHRSG’19
By Morne Swart, VP, Global Product Strategy and Transformational Leader
A keynote focusing on actionable ways of creating sustainable & innovative organizations of the future; three key digital initiatives focusing on organizational brand and culture, building more efficient development pipelines, and translating engagement to productivity.


What do other roles think Digital Transformation means?
By Lindsay Herbert
If we can’t get consensus on the meaning of digital transformation how on earth can we get consensus on the corporate objectives we hope to achieve by embarking on it?

Why organizational entanglement is a barrier to Digital Transformation
By Michael Wade
Many leaders find that when it comes to transformation the odds seem stacked against them. Michael Wade talks through 3 characteristics that may explain why so many transformation initiatives fail and why a new approach is needed.

To be future ready, empower your CIO
By Salim Sheikh
To effect successful and sustainable digital transformation, companies must explore an integrated set of operating-model changes, not just isolated initiatives.

Digital Leadership failure in the tours, activities and attractions industry
By Peter Syme
“If you are a traditional tour, activity or attraction operator, and you are not focusing on transforming your business, then others will change it for you. They are customer led, digital savvy and think off the scale big.”

The role of People Analytics and ONA in Enterprise Collaboration
By Dave Green and Arun Sundar
A new article from Dave Green and Arun Sundar on how ‘Social Capital’ can be leveraged to support enterprise collaboration and consequent improvements in business performance, team cohesion and employee experience

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“Increasingly, management’s role is not to organize work, but to direct passion and purpose.”
~ Greg Satell


Four Strategic Frameworks for Digital Transformation
By Dion Hinchcliffe
We almost universally know now we must adapt to the digital future, to change and grow. But how best to do it remains the top question.
Dion Hinchcliffe has developed and refined four key frameworks built out of years of repeated use and validation in organizations around the world. These reflect many of the central issues that he believes we’ve learned that we must address, and then codified them into a plan that most organizations can execute against.

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