To be future ready, empower your CIO

To be future ready, empower your CIO

With the rise of #digitization and #digitaltransformation – and on top of the usual concerns about maintaining efficient IT operations – the *future CIO* must now determine how best to support emerging digital initiatives, the integration of new technologies, and the creation of ‘simple, lean and more efficient’ processes.

CIOs face two core questions, then:

  1. which improvement initiatives can help advance the company’s digital programs?
  2. when it comes to increasing the efficiency of IT organisations, what really works?

Top performers focused primarily on just five enabling capabilities (see infographic):

  1. Centralise cost management and identify key performance indicators.
  2. Manage business units’ or functions’ demand for IT based on business value.
  3. Control productivity and create incentives that promote it.
  4. Standardise, simplify, and automate processes.
  5. Optimise sourcing (of technology .. and talent).

To effect successful and sustainable digital transformation, companies must explore an integrated set of operating-model changes, not just isolated initiatives. Without iterative changes and a continuous improvement culture, companies will fail to increase their odds of success with digital transformations, and potentially jeopardise the survival of their business.

Make a change today.

Empower your CIO to help lead the charge and help your company be amongst the ‘future ready’ organisations in an era of constant disruption, increased competition and political uncertainty.

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(Adapted from the original source – Giuliano Caldo and Alexander Kupers, Digital McKinsey, 2017)

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