The three focus areas for a successful digital transformation

The three focus areas for a successful digital transformation

In this article, I discuss the three focus areas for a successful Digital Transformation. It is a simple and effective approach.


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Ensure your digital transformation success by focusing on these three areas of implementation because adapting to new technology is never easy for an organisation.

  1. Start with a pilot
  2. Develop a culture that makes learning fun
  3. Have a cross-section of leaders

Let me unpack each point further:

1. Start with a pilot

A pilot project let you test things out first, and iron out any wrinkles before it’s released to all staff or your entire customer base.

How to run a pilot project?

  • 1.1 Pick your top talent
  • 1.2 Give them the freedom, time and budget to experiment, observe and record data
  • 1.3 Set performance indicators and key metrics that will be tracked even once the pilot is over

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2. Develop a culture that makes learning fun

It’s crucial to have an organisational environment that cultivates learning.

This comes from finding hard data about the advantages of the transformation and presenting that to your staff.

If your staff view your transformation program as a headache and waste of time, money and effort, it will go nowhere! Employees must understand the big picture if you want their buy-in.

How to bring your staff on-board?

  • 2.1 Ideate how your digital transformation will affect their individual jobs
  • 2.2 Keep lines of communication open
  • 2.3 Ask for ideas, suggestions and advice
  • 2.4 Ask how could technology improve their jobs
  • 2.5 Ask how do they feel customers will react to new business and interactions

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3. Have a cross-section of leaders

The transformation leadership team should include leaders from all areas including IT. Include subject matter experts from marketing, sales, finance, HR and service delivery to get a deeper picture of potential pitfalls and domain best practices.

How to form a leadership team?

  • 3.1 Look for people who work well as a team and embrace going above their job description
  • 3.2 Problem-solvers, analysts, people masters, innovators, and creators are the personality types you should look for
  • 3.3 Getting their buy-in will make it easier for staff working under them to buy-in too
  • 3.4 Get them to propose implementation plans and make it theirs

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What do you think? Do you think this approach could potentially increase the success rate of your Digital Transformation program?



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