The adoption and evidence of an experimental mindset is something that really polarises leaders

The adoption and evidence of an experimental mindset is something that really polarises leaders

Adopting an experimental attitude to decision making – those decisions we make within the small, repetitive moments of our working life – can be incredibly liberating when we begin to realise the value of:

  1. Not taking things for granted – but instead being curious. ‘Thinking’ and ‘Doing’ things differently can bring positive change to the micro-moments of our working lives
  2. Becoming more present in the moment – shifting away from spending so much of our time on auto-pilot and losing out on micro shift opportunities of change for good
  3. Knowing there is usually more than one right answer – realising through developing an experimental mindset that one of the advantages of the digital age is there simply isn’t a straight forward single ‘right’ answer all the time.

Exploring habits that help us adopt a more experimental mindset in these micro-moments of business as usual, can unlock opportunity and creativity within ourselves and others.

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Habit log challenge!

How can you create a habit that stops you taking things for granted, become more present in the moment or be more open to multiple decision pathways?

My habit is to spend 2 minutes at the end of each day to reflect on these 3 areas. My aim is that out of this reflective time, I’ll start to see habit shift, and I already can!

Share your digital age leadership habits with me – I would love to hear what they are and how you are getting on with them.

To learn more about how you can build your own leadership habit plan, check out our digital age leadership programme that helps you understand your current preferences, learnt behaviours and belief system so you can unlock your digital age leadership potential!

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