Habit Log: 2 minutes a day to become a better leader…

Habit Log: 2 minutes a day to become a better leader…

Have you ever been forced to take time out of work for one reason or another? Felt that burning sensation in the pit of your stomach that’s a twisting knife of guilt saying ‘you should be working!’, ‘you don’t deserve this, get back to work!’, or even worse ‘every moment away from your work is a potential  moment of failure!’

Well, I have. Owning your own business, leading a team, a department or a transformation programme, puts you in a position where others rely on you. What we forget too often is that they don’t necessarily rely on us BEING THERE all the time.

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As work gets more complex, demands become more urgent and our ability to keep up get’s harder and harder. So, instead of increasing any focus on taking time out, we just seem to label the idea as secondary, sometimes even associate time out with weakness, or if you are like me a luxury that my daily demands just can’t afford.

But this isn’t right and shouldn’t be the case.


Just take 2 minutes out a day to appreciate something, to just switch off. If you can stretch to 5 or 10 minutes maybe just walk around the block – and just BE! Taking time out can have an incredibly positive effect on our attitude, our decision-making ability and research even suggests our creativity.

Go on, just take 5 – and make it a habit!

My commitment to this habit is something that has become a part of my life in 2019. Every morning I spend a couple of minutes just being grateful…it gives me focus, keeps me positive and I swear it increases my creative capacity!

Share your habit and how you are getting on with it – I’d love to know.


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