White Paper: Automation – Here we Go Again?

Automation has long been a topic of interest within Information Technology as the general perception that a significant proportion of IT tasks are essentially repetitive and, therefore, ideal candidates for some form of automation.  Despite the belief that many tasks can be automated, in many IT organisations there is actually only a small proportion of tasks that are.  This White Paper explores the history of automation, how it impacts the workforce and examines the impact of human factors in a bid to determine why IT is one of the slowest adopters of automation compared to many other areas of business.

Automation software and even hardware such as robotic tape changers have been available to IT Operations for many years but attempts to automate operational procedures has fallen short of removing the human element completely.  One of the primary reasons for unsuccessful implementations of automation solutions has always been the inconsistency with which IT environments are created.  With the advent of more Software as a Service solution, vendors are building much more consistent environments and then achieving significant operational benefits automating many of the underlying administrative processes.

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In contrast, many internal IT Departments haven’t attained this level of consistency and, therefore, automation is correspondingly difficult.  The need to create automation solutions that are both highly flexible and yet capable of complex processing means that the investment required for a complete automation solution is often above the recognisable return from removing certain human aspects.  One of the most obvious candidates for end to end automation in most IT Departments is the provisioning of a new user or the removal of a leaver and yet it is a rare IT Department that achieves this with no human intervention despite the fact that software capable of delivering this has existed for years…. 

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