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About Beyond

Technology led projects are challenging and many fail because they operate in isolation from the wider business objectives. This manifests in three key areas that typically hamper potentially great projects:

  • The projects do not account for the wider business value and are often seen simply as costs
  • The projects do not account for the people and process changes that are necessary for success
  • The projects often stumble when faced with legacy technology

We are a technology consultancy that works to address these key issues as well as just making the tech work. We believe that in focussing on the people, both in IT and the wider business, and the broad value that projects can create for organisations project become far more effective.

Our ‘people first’ approach differs to current industry advice which usually advises to address projects from a ‘cloud first, mobile first’ perspective.

We know that if a technology transformation team can fully engage the wider organisation, they can unlock greater value and deliver more successful projects.

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