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M&A IT projects are generally challenging and the IT team from the acquired company often demonstrate behaviour that is akin to grief as the sense of uncertainty and job insecurity develops soon after they are made aware of the deal.

This new, often expected, situation can lead to the following problems:

  • Potentially demotivated IT teams
  • Constrained, immovable deadlines
  • Complex systems to be merged or divested
  • Reluctance or fear of sharing information

We are an information technology consultancy that specialises in M&A IT space. To address the above problems, we believe in need to focus primarily on the IT team not the technology to get best results for all parties involved in the deal.

Our “people first” approach differs to current IT industry advice which usually advises to address projects from a “cloud first, mobile first” perspective.

We know if an M&A IT transformation team can fully engage the acquired IT team, they unlock productivity and enable a greater degree of success.


Software, Consulting, Merger & Acquisition IT, Technology, Divestment IT, Post merger integration.

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