The impact of artificial intelligence and automation in HR

The impact of artificial intelligence and automation in HR

Scientists and philosophers have been probing into the mysteries of human intelligence and reasoning. Following our ocean and space exploration, huge strides are occurring with a lingering question – how do we apply the knowledge which we have learned to help ourselves live and work better?

It was the tech experts who came up with the final piece of the puzzle with artificial intelligence (AI) as this technology promises us to revolutionize all walks of human life with the entrepreneurs acting as early promoters and adopters across the industries.

There isn’t a better meeting place for machine-based intelligence than the HR department.

Any job opening in a major firm invites hundreds of applications out of which only ten per cent are relevant. With the help of AI, such cumbersome processes are now taken over by software and search algorithms which are able to sort out successfully a suitable match according to your requirements.

AI-powered Conversational Interfaces

Artificial intelligence is highly efficient at automating manual tasks like providing data about standard policies, training schedules, emoluments and payroll to the employees. Organizations can provide 24 x 7 assistance to the employees with the aid of chatbots which saves the time of the HR team to focus on more important and business-critical processes.

Machine learning for effective data analysis

ML algorithms can detect patterns within the data and change the action course to help the HR department engage, train and grow employees in a better way by understanding their needs and acting accordingly.

How AI impacts HR process?

Artificial intelligence is a potent force that is transforming the HR experience through the automation of manual tasks, from recruitment to training and beyond. From sourcing to interviewing, onboarding to coaching and employee services; artificial intelligence is bringing more efficiencies to the HR department like never before. Let’s look at some segregated look of variant AI-powered HR activities which will help in realizing the true potential.


●      Recruiting Candidates

Perhaps, the most vital tasks for the HR department in an organization is recruiting the suitable talent for a job role. With the AI-powered algorithms, it has made a lot easier for HR professionals to speed up the task of candidate screening and reduce the overload of resume.

The recruiters feel AI can actually improve talent acquisition and the process by identifying the right candidate, collecting and scrutinizing information, checking the background and much more. By automating variant activities, AI is making repetitive tasks easier for modern HR personnel.

●      Onboarding

Smart AI tools can make onboarding simpler and convenient for the candidates and faster for HR professionals. The AI technology can totally transform the human-centric manual process into a self-service one. Speeding up the tasks on on-boarding by connecting fresh candidates to on-site employees can also speed up the collaboration with the management team.

The companies who do not focus more on onboarding can suffer employee loss as the fresh hires start to look for alternative jobs within the first 6 months. Thus, AI can standardize the on-boarding process by improving employee retention rates.

●      Video Interviews

Artificial Intelligence can enrich the video interviewing process which is becoming a norm in modern times.

Videos can be analyzed in real-time to understand a candidate’s psychological state, language, accent influence, education credentials, mood, and even skills by using the AI tools. Not only will AI gather insights from real-time evaluation, but the technology can make use of video interviews to throw challenges that a potential employee is likely to face while on the job. This approach makes the process more inclusive, transparent, and fruitful for both recruiter & candidate.

●      Sentiment Analysis

All the modern jobs are striving, tiring, competing and requiring an intensive focus on the part of employees as employee retention becomes a pain area for HR professionals. With the aid of AI, organizations can understand the mood, psyche, and sentiments of the employees in real-time.

The AI-powered software development services help to identify patterns from a vast variety of digital data such as email conversations and employee performance over the time to capture feedback by understanding employee expectations and make the workplace more engaging to improve the retention rates. Sentiment Analysis is crucial in reality and AI is turning it possible by making wonders to the modern corporate environment.

At the end

As we move forward, we are looking at some major AI-influenced changes which are transforming several tools and systems that automate repetitive tasks. The clear understanding of how decisions are being made to mitigate unknown injection of bias into their programs is vital by the HR leaders and practitioners to make sure that employees trust the new AI technology. Keep Learning!

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