Necessity: mother of invention and hybrid IT

We asked 25 CIOs: why did you choose a hybrid IT strategy? The answers may surprise you.




According to, hybrid IT is “an approach to enterprise computing in which an organisation provides and manages some information technology resources in-house but uses cloud-based services for others.” 

We recently asked 25 CIOs: how can hybrid IT make your business quicker? The full results will be in an ebook shortly, but I thought this might be of quick interest. 

We asked why did you choose a hybrid IT strategy? And – boiling over seven hours of conversation down to one soundbite – the answer was largely balancing security of proprietary information and speed of business.

But it is not the only reason. 

The Head of IT Operations for a pan-African law firm employs a hybrid model because “it allows us the benefits of high-availability solutions while providing opportunities for rapid deployment and easy management.” But also because he’s based in Johannesburg where lots of construction means Internet outages.

Some are born hybrid, some achieve hybrid, and some have hybrid thrust upon them!


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