Real-World Blockchain Case Studies

Real-World Blockchain Case Studies

With all the hype around cryptocurrencies, token sales and ICOs people are increasingly sceptical about blockchain technology and want to know about useful and successful implementations. Me too.

So I took the challenge to research a set of real-world blockchain case studies. The focus of the research was to find industry-grade, service-oriented approaches towards automation, traceability, proof of ownership, data integrity or delivery.

Plenty of use cases out there. But what has been achieved so far with distributed ledger technologies? And can it be explained to non-technical people?

Since I am not an expert, I reached out to my network. The response was overwhelming. I guess there are more blockchain experts out there than fully functioning products which are out of their beta.

The enthusiasm bias

It is still an open question to me whether blockchain is really needed for many of the scenarios we see at all. It might be wise to talk to some critical minds if you want to do a fit-for-purpose study for your project. Because for a lot of tech enthusiasts every problem seems to look like a nail for their blockchain hammer.

Why so cryptic?

I read dozens of white papers. Full of jargon and tech-lingo. And I wonder if their authors ever asked an ordinary mortal to give feedback. Einstein said, if you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself. If you, dear reader, know of a really good project white paper, please let me know!

The NDA hell

One of the problems why people can’t talk about DLT projects are NDAs. Organisations in demand for experts hesitate to speak openly about the problem they want to solve. Tech experts can’t talk about real-world problems they have solved due to signed NDAs.

Ha! A problem worth solving which could bring real value to the blockchain community?



And finally, here is a list of blockchain case studies along with people who walk the walk which I find interesting and at the same time useful to showcase in an easy way what can be accomplished today.

Supply Chain: Arxum is able to connect customers directly to production machines through carefully enabled Smart Contracts. Christian Veselinov, Limechain

Counterfeit: Merck and Amerisource Bergen implemented a fast-track project to more efficiently detect counterfeits and irrefutably document compliance at scale. Bernhard Hecker, Cryptowerk

IP Management: Vaultitude is a platform which addresses the needs of intellectual property (IP) professionals (artists, scientists, inventors,…) by establishing documented ownership of IP. Christian Veselinov, Limechain

Automotive : To combat fraud and comply with new industry requirements, car manufacturers can capture and verify digital moments from the time the car is being manufactured throughout the car’s lifecycle. Bernhard Hecker, Cryptowerk

Real Estate: Propy is a global real estate marketplace dedicated to solving the problems of purchasing property across borders. Christian Veselinov, Limechain

Healthcare: IoT sensor blockchain solution for managing research data for the purposes of clinical trials, it is imperative to be able to prove collected data integrity, provenance and security. Bernhard Hecker, Cryptowerk

Gig Economy: Actors Insite is a platform that provides budding actors to showcase their talents to eminent filmmakers. Anansha Som, rPlan

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