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London, United Kingdom
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2018

About Open Consulting Group

The Open Consulting Group Manifesto Living and working environments are undergoing an accelerated change driven by digital technology.

What brings us, the members of the Open Consulting Group together is our dedication to discuss and develop ways for organisations to become more adaptable to that change.

We are independent thinkers, consultants and writers. Specialized individuals operating in self-organised networks. Our way of working is fundamentally different from consulting as it is broadly recognised today.

We learn constantly. We value professional work ethic. We embrace constructive criticism and diversity. We believe in the power of teams and individual talent. We openly share our knowledge with anyone who adheres to our principles. We encourage innovation, creativity and experimentation.

The purpose of the Open Consulting Group is to create a strong bond of trust and value offering. Our goal is that the people and organisations we work for can rely on our network as much as we already do.

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