Euro Shopping for Global Digital Retail Trends

Welcome to Euroshop 2017, the largest retail trade show in the world. In early March, over 100,000 visitors from 60+ countries trekked to Dusseldorf to view 2,000+ exhibits on everything retail. The visual retail feast in Germany that is Euroshop is only held every three years. At the conclusion of the event, the organizers cited the continued digitalization in retail, tailor-made onmichannel solutions and the emotionalization of the shopping experience as the dominant themes for Euroshop 2017. 

Breathtaking and visionary: That was EuroShop 2017

Digital convergence trends were everywhere at Euroshop 2017. From large refrigerators doors which were digital screens displaying advertising, to Pepper the robot, VR, and AR, – all focused on engaging a technology savvy consumer. 

Finding the Perfect Retail Tagline

A favorite activity at major trade events is analyzing taglines from exhibits to assess the generic trends driving the retail industry. Variations taglines on the “The Future of Retail” were prevalent throughout the exhibit hall. 

  • Welcome to Retail 4.0
  • Visibility That’s Visionary
  • Connected Retail
  • The Future of Customer Centric Retail
  • Imagine Your Retaility

Will admit that I was unable to find to find the “one” inspiring tagline that spoke to the evolution of retail.

Digital Immersion Continues

Digital technology integration was everywhere. The Internet of Things is expanding to include every piece of fixture inside a retail store. Favorite examples at Euroshop 2017 were smart shopping carts. Fixed displays have evolved where you can now plug your smartphone into the shopping cart to interact with the store on your shopping journey. 

The Camera Has Smart Eyes

Along with VR and AR, technologies that leverage camera generated data are increasing. Toshiba showcased a solution that leveraged visual analytics for self-checkout. Multiple other companies demonstrated customer engagement visual analytics tools that identified generations of shoppers, engaged consumers with displays, and created fun interactions with smart mirrors. 

The security industry led with cameras as surveillance devices and their initial transformation into data gathering devices. For that sector, the video analytics market is expected to grow from $1.69 billion USD in 2016 to $4.23 billion by 2017 (20% CAGR). Video generating data insights for general retail is still in its infancy. 

The Art of the Shopping Light

As a vendor at Euroshop 2017 wrote, “lighting concepts in a retail context intend to stir emotions using evocative light scenes to set off new fashion collections or vehicles, the latest book releases at a fair or fresh delicatessen.” From visiting lots of retail stores around world, would state that light as an inspirational source for improving customer experiences is still underutilized. 

Euroshop typically dedicates an entire hall to lighting and it always a favorite stop for creative inspiration. Beyond visual stimulation, what is really exciting is the potential of IoT smart lighting. 

“The global Smart Lighting market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.1% during the forecast period 2016 – 2025 and accounts for US$ 51.05 Bn in the year 2025.” Imagine the possibilities of the light around you providing smarter interconnected solutions. 

The Mannequin Invasion

Every Euroshop typically delivers an entire hall of the latest mannequins. The 2017 edition did not disappoint as the plastic statues are getting more realistic, artistic, futuristic, and yes also getting IoT connected. 

Imagine “if the mannequin in your window display had a sensor that could talk to passerby’s smartphones enabling you to send them a personalized advert or offer.” 

“When shoppers touch a sensor patch on a smart mannequin, they can read information about the clothing on a nearby digital display. Sensor bullet analytics also enable stores to gain insights on customer clothing preferences. The information provides a feedback loop on favored colors, sizes and features.”

Conceptualize connecting all of the above trends – smarter messaging, amazing perceptive technological eyes, intelligent bright lights that improve customer experiences, and mannequins that entice you to shop till you drop.

I am personally contributing to the IoT connected retail future by standing next to a mannequin wearing a dress made from dual technology EAS/RFID hard tags in the opening photograph.

Farewell Euroshop 2017 and thank you for the additional insightful global digital retail trends. 

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