Should the tech industry be broken up?

Should the tech industry be broken up?

Cybersecurity fails because secure activity damages Big Data, and Big Data controls cybersecurity because of the incestuous environment in the tech industry. If “Secret” level security is deployed, think of how much data Big Data will not have access too.

Expecting a tech company to solve a client’s cybersecurity problem that is generating their parent company’s profit is far too much to expect in today’s business environment. Integrity in cybersecurity is seriously lacking.

From the mantras of “convenience over security” to “we deliver what the client wants”, security has never been the goal. The exploitation of data, monetization of users and profit are the only driving force behind cybersecurity.

The foundation of cybersecurity is FRAUD perpetrated by every company claiming Multi-Factor Authentication or Two Factor Authentication without exception. There has never been more than One Factor, data, ever used for authentication on the Internet.

Security protocols are not part of any cybersecurity expert’s tool box. Whatever the reason, cybersecurity experts have delivered dismal results. $4.1 Billion daily in cyber damage costs per day in 2018, up 150% from 2017 is not a successful record. The more devices that connect to the Internet the greater the damage and the faster it happens.

The simple step of classifying activity on the Internet into Public, Classified and Secret has never been performed. Further, Secret activity and data have never been deployed in the public sector and only once in the government space.

A DHS tabletop exercise of a secure email system for Law Enforcement Sensitive Data garnered the following: “respondent[s] commented that they were ‘very impressed’ by Secure [Existence] Email.” and “respondents also noted that they were likely to recommend this technology to their peers.”

The time has come to put the word “cybersecurity” to rest. By definition, cybersecurity is designed to fail. It is time for Internet Security.

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Internet Security differentiates Secret activity from everything else. This simple step requires an end user to be consciously aware that their activity is secure. This awareness provides a method to act responsibly. There is no “Human Error” involved in cybersecurity failures, the ability to act irresponsibly is built into the alleged security protocols.

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” – Stephen Hawking.

Cybersecurity has been an illusion of knowledge since before the term was coined. A material misrepresentation by cybersecurity providers has been taking place since the first tool to add a second factor, to User Name / Password authentication, was introduced.

How much longer can science and the most basic security protocols be ignored? At the current rate of damage, in 2023 the cyber damage costs will be over $140 Trillion. In an $80 Trillion world economy, this should concern everyone.

The time has arrived for organizations to deploy Secret level security. Every organization is exposed in the current cyberwar and damages are accelerating at an alarming rate. If organizations don’t demand that EVERY cybersecurity provider sign a “Fiduciary Agreement” to protect their company…are they being responsible?

Until the tech industry is broken up, many cybersecurity providers will not be able to enter into a Fiduciary Agreement. They can however, continue to materially misrepresent functionality related to authentication. Multi-step is NOT, and will never be, mult-factor. Internet security cannot exist with data and an assumption (guessing) for authentication.

If a security professional is performing as a fiduciary, security, not profit, must drive them by law. A material misrepresentation of functionality in authentication would be corrected and Secret level security would be deployed.

Any company refusing to sign a fiduciary agreement is demonstrating their lack of commitment to your organization’s security before they even start. Until security over profit drives security, security will fail.

Internet Security begins by limiting portal access to only authorized users who are directly asserting presence via a uniquely serialized public portal that creates a state-of-existence within the server-side of secure activity.

Technology configured to proper security protocols is explained in “Existence Is the Solution” free with Kindle Unlimited. The only solution to the appearance of knowledge is objective reality. Existence is “having objective reality” by definition.

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