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About Lean Scaleup LLC

Lean Scaleup is an approach pioneered by world renowned expert on corporate innovation Frank Mattes and helps businesses by addressing transformational challenges and providing a structured framework for corporate entrepreneurship. The approach is based on the best practices of leading companies and is designed to support organizations facing significant change. Some of the problems they solve and how they do it include:

  1. Structured Framework for Corporate Entrepreneurship: Lean Scaleup provides an end-to-end view on corporate entrepreneurship, offering a comprehensive framework for organizations looking to scale up their innovation efforts.
  2. Addressing Transformational Challenges: The approach is specifically tailored to support companies facing transformational challenges, such as business model innovation, process optimization, and cultural change.
  3. Practical How-To Guide: The Lean Scaleup is a practical how-to guide to make an impact happen, combining Frank Mattes’ extensive corporate innovation experience with solid methodologies.
  4. Business Impact and Increased Reputation: Companies that have applied the Lean Scaleup have reported business impact in the market and increased reputation inside the company.

By leveraging the Lean Scaleup approach, businesses can systematically drive innovation from idea generation to implementation, navigate the complexities of scaling up innovation within a corporate environment, and capitalize on the opportunities associated with scaling up their innovation initiatives.


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