6 Digital Transformation Trends for 2019 – 2020
Brian Solis·30 September 2019·Thought Leaders
...Digital transformation is much more than “corporate speak”, and we should not discount its legitimacy when it comes to business modernization. So I say this, Digital transformation is not Read More...· 63 Shares
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What is Digital Transformation?: Getting Started
Savvy Apps·30 September 2019·The Case For Digital Transformation
...represents businesses and organizations taking a step back to revisit how work gets done in all parts of their business and organization. Digital transformation may address the parts of the Read More...· 7 Shares
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What Is Digital Transformation?
Lucidchart Content·25 September 2019·The Case For Digital Transformation
...In 2019, enterprise companies expect to invest $1.3 trillion in digital transformation technologies and initiatives to improve efficiencies, save time and money, and drive across their organization, both internally and Read More...· 2 Shares
Digital Start, Structure and Scale
Rob Llewellyn·13 September 2019·Thought Leaders
...Back a number of years ago I helped the low-code software platform company Mendix, while they were developing their digital transformation practice. When I first met co-founder Roald Kruit Read More...· 0 Shares