News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People #36

News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People #36

The convergence of thinking around what digital transformation is, why it’s needed and how to be successful continues with consensus firmly held that it’s all about the people. How we organise, align and collaborate to achieve shared purpose and value creation is more than ever the critical ingredient for digital transformation success. More fascinating insights and how to achieve this in this edition of ‘News’ In Digital’ Thank you to all of our contributors.


Transformation, platforms and the eco-system economy: An interview with Haydn Shaughnessy
Leading Digital Transformation Podcast
In this episode, Rob Llewellyn speaks with Haydn Shaughnessy, Number 1 in the Thinkers 360 list for Digital Transformation and Digital Disruption and a pioneer of platform and eco-system strategy.

The New Rules of How Business Works
Rod Collins
A sobering thought for businesses waking up to the challenges of digital disruption as Rod Collins highlights that it may not always be obvious where the most damaging of threats are likely to come.

A Prelude to Innovation
Brian Solis
“If innovation is the key to future-proofing and more effectively competing for the future, why is it that many organizations get caught up in a pattern of incrementalism?”

The Top 20 Business Transformations of the Last Decade
Scott D. Anthony, Alasdair Trotter, Evan I. Schwartz
Adapting a core business to disruptive change while also creating new growth around new products, services, or business models is the new leadership imperative of the 21st century. However, this research found that merely 3% of companies making substantial progress towards transformation. Who are they and what can we learn?


The “Strategist” Leader – Transforming Business and the Future of our World
Heather Monro
Research into stages of leadership development suggests that only 8% of leaders have the capacity to lead sustainable transformation. Do you have what it takes to lead a digital transformation?

The Emergence of the Market-Oriented Ecosystem (MOE) Organization
Dave Ulrich
In their book Reinventing The Organization Arthur Yeung and Dave Ulrich propose that in today’s world of incredible change, leaders need to reinvent their organizations to become ever-more responsive to dynamic market opportunities. By studying today’s leading firms and through synthesizing others they have defined a new organizational form called the market-oriented ecosystem (MOE) that addresses this broader reinvention need.


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How to Make Sure Agile Teams Can Work Together
Alia Crocker, Rob Cross, Heidi K. Gardner
Collaboration is central to agility yet most organizations don’t manage productively; collaboration cross-functional groups often bump up against misaligned incentives, hierarchical decision-making, and cultural rigidities, causing progress to stall or action to not be taken at all. Here are some suggestions about what you can do about it.

Shift Left, Shift Right, Stuck In The Middle With You?
Fin Goulding
Fin Goulding co-Author of Flow explains why achieving agility alone is not enough. To unlock the true benefits of agility it must be targeted to achieve outcomes that create real business value.


Unleash your intangibles; getting to the WHY with People Analytics. An interview with Max Blumberg.
Leading Digital Transformation Podcast 
Rob Llewellyn interviews Max Blumberg a thought leader and leading practitioner of the People Analytics world who believes that by helping organisations understand the root cause of their business challenges we can help unlock the value of their most important intangible assets for real business impact – people.

Adaptive Leadership – Embrace Failure, and Leadership vs. Authority
From her newest series, Karen Ferris explains that in an environment where leaders cannot predict the outcomes from the choices they make, in order to still chart a course they must learn to be adaptive.

Adaptive Organisation Design and Good Jobs
Marianne Roux
Agile companies are up to five times more likely than their peers to become top performers but achieving it effectively across the organisation will require significant change to the organizational design

Viral Change
Leandro Herrero
Leandro Herrero talks about his book Viral Change and how by combining 5 things, organisations can dramatically improve their chances of achieving large scale change successfully.


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The Top 10 Global Brands of 2019 in Retail, Apparel, and Luxury
By Tony D’Onofrio
Tony D’Onofrio summarizes the key points these year’s BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Brands report a focus on retail, apparel, and luxury.

Global Ecommerce Statistics and Trends to Launch Your Business Beyond Borders
By Aaron Orendorff
“There are so many great things that Shopify does well. And I like that they’re a Canadian superstar taking the #retail game to Amazon. This piece – the Global eCommerce Playbook – is just a great piece of smart thought leadership. Kudos to Shopify.” Thanks to Lynsey Barbour for sharing.

What are Tribes (and Why You Should Be Targeting Them)?
By Sarah Chohan
The marketing world has been exposed to terms such as ‘brand communities’, ‘consumer tribes’, and ‘tribal marketing’ for some time thanks to marketing gurus like Seth Godin. But are the differences clear?

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Google has reached quantum supremacy – here’s what it should do next
Chelsea Whyte
Google appears to have reached an impressive milestone known as quantum supremacy, where a quantum computer is able to perform a calculation that is practically impossible for a classical one. But there are plenty of hurdles left to jump over before the technology hits the big time.

The First Complete Brain Wiring Diagram of Any Species Is Here
Shelly Fan
“Aided by modern computer algorithms, a research team mapped roughly 7,000 neural connections of both sexes of a microscopic worm, while landmarking all synaptic locations. It’s the first time we’ve been able to trace the entirety of the brain of a species” ~ John Hagel


News Ways To Manage Human Capital
“At a time when the human cloud is rapidly expanding, work mobility is rising and on-demand talent is everywhere, companies can no longer adhere to conventional methods to manage human capital. Now more than ever, embracing a total talent philosophy is the most effective way to gain speed and agility.”

LinkedIn Announces Move Toward ‘Holistic’ Talent Platform
Roy Maurer
The takeaway from the 10th annual LinkedIn Talent Connect event for talent acquisition and HR professionals as Linkedin announce that the previously separate products Recruiter, Talent Insights and Jobs now will be available on a single platform and integrated with the company’s new applicant tracking system (ATS), to improve user experience and hiring outcomes.

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“Most large organizations embrace the idea of innovation but are not willing to suffer the string of failed experiments necessary to get there.”
~Jeff Bezos


Scaling-up Corporate Start-ups by Frank Mattes and Dr Ralph-Christian Ohr: An Executive Summary
From our executive summary series, Neil Rainey teases the wisdom from Scaling Up by Frank Mattes and Dr Ralph Christian-Ohr to give leaders a quick how-to guide to create business impact from their innovation initiatives.

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