News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People #30

News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People #30

To borrow from Roland Deiser of the Drucker School of Management, Digital Transformation isn’t going away any time soon; it’s universal, really big, getting faster and not just rewriting the rules of competition but reshaping society too. So welcome to the 30th edition of News in Digital with more news, views and how to’s help you navigate the uncertain waters of digital disruption. Our mission is to connect you with the resources you’ll need to thrive in these challenging and exciting times; connecting you to knowledge, talent and expert advice when and where you need it.


21 Exceptional books charting my start-up journey to The Digital Transformation People
By Tim Ellis
As any entrepreneur will tell you, the journey to start-up and beyond is a roller coaster of learning, experimentation, new insights and pivots not to mention hard work, perseverance and the need to focus. It’s a journey which for me has been punctuated by some exceptional books – all of which have had their part to play and which I hope you will find useful too.


Digital Transformation
By Geoffrey Moore 
The zone management framework from Zone to Win lays out the landscape for any journey of transformation by calling out four zones of interest that must be accommodated one way or another during the process. Geoffrey Moore explains how to use zones to chart your own path for transformation.

Is Digital Transformation Really so Special?
By Roland Deiser
“Virtually every Change or OD consultant is now an expert on digital transformation, and much of the advice is old wine in a new bottle. On the other hand, there are some features that make the digital transformation challenge unique and suggest it won’t go away any time soon”

The platform play: How to operate like a tech company
By Oliver Bossert and Driek Desmet
Discover how platform business models enable some tech companies to operate with such speed and agility that they can deliver new products to market 100 times faster than their more traditional rivals.

How to explain design thinking in plain English
By Stephanie Overby
“Design thinking – a popular approach in organizations pushing for innovation, as well as in agile teams – often confuses newcomers. Here’s how to break it down in simple terms.”

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The age of speed: How to raise your organization’s metabolism
By Patrick Guggenberger and Patrick Simon
What is the best foundation for an agile operating model to innovate quickly and cheaply, test products and services in the market, refine them, and release them to consumers faster?

50 Future Unicorns
By Stefan Lindegaard
“Today, it’s not size that decides who wins. It’s speed and adaptability. It’s the hordes of unicorns that feast on the elephants and dinosaurs.”
CB Insights and New York Times teamed up to predict the future unicorns. Here Stefan Lindegaard shares the key points from the 2019 list.


Digital Workplace Retrospective | #PS_Salon Summary
By Laura-Jane Parker
A retrospective look at the Digital Workplace from Laura-Jane Parker of Post*Shift examining what has been learned over the last 20+ years and speculating on what will come next.
An interesting format using Twitter to engage with the community and presenting the themes that emerged here.

HR Needs to Stay Ahead of Automation
By David Tobenkin
“The understanding and use of the power of automation may prove to be the dividing line between those who advance in the field and those who are marginalized and, eventually, automated out of their HR jobs.” Thanks to Jaco Minaar for this one.

The Perfect Innovation team
By Gijs van Wulfen
Global speaker and author on Innovation, Gijs van Wulfen outlines the ideal team for innovation success.

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Digital Darwinism pits marketers in battle for CX survival
By Brian Solis
Today, brands must understand their evolving customers in real time not only to deliver adequate CX but also to anticipate future demands. Some key lessons from Brian Solis from his report sponsored by SAS “The Real-Time and Predictive Commerce Playbook for CMOs”.

Project Management Tips for Content Marketing Managers
By Nick Nelson
Successful content marketing initiatives require a management approach which many content marketers may not be familiar with. Here are some tips from Top Rank Marketing that should help.

Jeff Bezos – Customer Experience
“if there’s one thing is about, it’s obsessive attention to the customer experience” This video clip from 1999 shows just how far ahead Jeff Bezos was in 1999 and still is. Thanks to Sam Ovens for this one.


10 Questions before starting a Machine Learning POC
By Isaac Sacolick
Practical steps on getting started with machine learning from Isaac Sacolick author of Driving Digital

Snapshots of the global mobility revolution
By Christopher Thomas, Arthur Wang, and Ting Wu
“By 2040, 55 per cent of all passenger-miles could take place in connected electric, autonomous, and shared vehicles—transforming transportation and changing the distribution of profits across the mobility ecosystem.”

The future is autonomous building construction and operations
By William Ruh
A big part of the future of the construction industry will be driven by the use of digital twins with an impact as significant as autonomous vehicles will be for the automotive space. It will change the nature of work in the industry and the prize for those who succeed will be enormous.


Navigating the new skills economy – gradual adaptation or reinvention?
By Sambhav Rakyan and Saurabh Parashar
With the use of workplace automation expected to double in the next three years and 77% organisations globally listing missing skills as the single biggest impediment to digital transformation, what step do organisations need to take to enhance their readiness for digitisation?

How Data Can Help You Find Talent in the Digital Age [Infographic]
This will please LinkedIn as Gartner conclude that the key to staying ahead of the competition in the war for talent, is access to external labour market data.

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 “The most powerful force in business isn’t disruption, it’s inertia.”
Peter Weinberg


Seeking Strategic Advantage? Break Down Walls and Cultivate Networks
By John Hagel
The sources of advantage are shifting in ways that most companies don’t yet understand, much less effectively harness. John Hagel Co-Chairman of Deloitte & Touche’s Centre for the Edge discusses the new way to build competitive advantage by finding and harnessing and occupying influence points in the new network economy.

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