Lifescale News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People #27

News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People #27

It’s all about the people. Digital Transformation means a profound change in everything we do; how we think, how we work together and how we communicate with our customers, our peers and colleagues. It’s a state that can only be achieved by adopting new ways of working, new ways of thinking and doing. For this reason, people, culture and mindset are critical to achieving success. This we know but have you considered how living in the digital age is affecting you and your ability to make an impact that is aligned with your own sense of purpose, fulfilment and ultimately your happiness? So, from people to you the person; we’ve reviewed Lifescale by Brian Solis which is full of insight into how to survive and thrive in what’s become an age of digital distraction. Plus many more how to’s and lessons learned to help you on your digital transformation journey.


Lifescale: how to live a more creative, productive, and happy life
By Brian Solis
“Famous for the concept of Digital Darwinism this latest book from Brian Solis is a gift in which he shares how to survive in a world of digital distraction. Drawing upon a very personal story of near despair and diminishing creativity, Solis reveals much about himself as he describes his journey to rediscover his passion creativity and purpose. The result is LifeScaling, the art of learning how to live, learn and love. Beautifully written, compassionate and very open, Solis describes his own journey in which will you learn much about the man, his passions, goals and ultimately his purpose. Most importantly you’ll learn how to re-engage with your own sense of purpose, passion and creativity as you discover the pillars of lifescaling.

This is an important book not just because of the quality of its content but because it comes from a man who in the world of digital distraction has the voice to ensure that its important message is heard.

Lifescale is an enjoyable read, full of imagery,  highlights,  quotes and life wisdom.  Read it, share it and above all learn from it to find your own path to a fuller and happier life.”
~ Tim Ellis


The Transformation Orchestra: A New Framework for Digital Execution

Michael Wade, Professor Innovation and Strategy at the IMD business school and co-author of ‘Orchestrating Transformation’ speaks about the 8 key elements that need to be aligned and orchestrated in order to achieve success.

FAQ 1: Is a Digital Strategy still relevant?
By Lindsay Herbert
“Do you need a Digital Strategy still, or should it just be a strategy and digital should fit into that strategy?”. Lindsay Herbert, author of the acclaimed book Digital Transformation and keynote speaker begins her series answering frequently asked questions on the subject of digital transformation.

4 of the top digital transformation trends for 2019
By Nathan Sykes
Once reserved for corporations with substantial war chests full of cash earmarked for “innovation” and “disruption,” digital transformations are now comfortably a part of the business mainstream. Nathan Sykes look at 4 digital transformation trends set to take off in 2019.

Platforms of the Future. Keynote at IT European Summit.
By Dan Abelow
Digital convergence is coming. Act quickly to build your people-first platform and help to enable the ‘Big Flip’ where you and everyone else, not just the elite will rise to the top. Fascinating keynote from Dan Abelow.

Solving customer problems before they knew they had them
By Andrew Penn
Andrew Penn CEO at Telstra reflects on his visit to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

How To Compete In A Winner-Takes-All Digital Global Economy
By Panos Mourdoukoutas
What’s your strategy in light of the winner takes all economy .. do you fight and try to beat them or do you join them?

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8 Design Thinking flaws and how to fix them
By Braden Kelley and Adam Radziszewski
Because people can quickly understand the power (or promise) of Design Thinking, companies, consultants, and universities have latched on to the methodology and quickly accelerated it to the top of the hype curve. This has created a lot of problems for both expert Design Thinking practitioners and for the methodology itself.

Why every company is a software company
By Rod Collins
How and why did Agile come into being, and why is it even more relevant today?


It’s not about you! Or is it? Creating online community content that serves your audience
By Keeley Sorokti
Online communities are a great way to share knowledge and foster collaboration. Here are a few suggestions from Keeley Sorokti to help you get started and on the right track.

Barriers to Digital Transformation in Companies World-Wide By Industry Aug 2018
By Hilton Barbour
During the course of interviewing for his eBook series, Hilton Barbour has heard many times that culture has a bigger impact on digital transformation than technology itself. Here are some statistics from eMarketer to illustrate the point.

Jason Korman, co-founder and CEO of gapingvoid, spoke at the annual AFWERX Fusion Xperience
By Jason Korman
“The interesting thing about culture is not how you define it but how you design it. How do you make for better more effective cultures if you’re in an organisation that needs to shift or you’re starting something new?”


7 ways to build a sustainable and vibrant online community
By Antony Cousins
The building of online communities has exploded. Everyone wants to build one for many different reasons, but vying for people’s spare time is getting harder and competition is fierce. So many communities fail, but here are 7 ways you can increase your engagement and chances of success.

How Many Influencers Should You Engage and Partner with to Drive a Successful programme
By Tim Williams
As part of ‘Tim’s Top Tips’, Onalytica’s CEO answers the question “How many influencers should you engage when starting an Influencer Marketing Program?”


IBM AI fails to beat human debating champion
“A human has finally notched up a win against our future robot overlords. Champion debater Harish Natarajan triumphed in a live showdown against IBM’s Miss Debater AI at the company’s Think Conference.” Thomas Frey

Primer V2 bike riding robot
By Masahiko Yamaguchi
Great video of Primer V2 the bike riding robot!  Is there anything they can’t do? Thanks to Anthony J James for this one.

5 IOT Trends Everyone Should Know About 
By Bernard Marr
“2019 will see the Internet of Things (IoT) becoming more deeply embedded in our day-to-day lives at home and at work. We may begin to hear the term itself used less frequently – but that’s because it’s moving out of the hype phase and quickly becoming a part of everyday life.” Bernard Marr


Are we long—or short—on talent?
By Bill Schaninger and Megan McConnell of McKinsey
“This article by Bill Schaninger and Megan McConnell of McKinsey outlines how by looking at their supply of skills and talent in a new light today, organisations can take actions that better prepare their companies for tomorrow’s challenges.”
Thank you to Dave Green for this one.

How organizations can help shape the future of AI in recruiting – and reap the benefits
By Nikoletta Bika
Excited about a world where AI in recruiting will immensely improve your hiring process? We live in a fascinating time because this scenario is right around the corner – and you, the HR professional, may be able to bring it even closer.


Former DocuSign CEO & Chairman Keith Krach On Transformational Leadership
By Patrick Gorman
“While disruption plays a critical role in success, Keith Krach believes there’s a significant shortage of transformational leaders in the world—those who can disrupt entire categories. And for transformational leaders to succeed, it all starts with building a winning team.”

Rebooting analytics leadership: Time to move beyond the math
By Brian McCarthy, Chris McShea, and Marcus Roth
Thanks to Jaco Minnaar for this one.
“Given the enormity of the stakes, it’s no surprise that CEOs are asking their CAOs (or those assuming CAO duties under a different title) to deploy and scale AI and advanced analytics—stat. Yet while the opportunity is great, so too is the challenge.” – Brian McCarthy


Transformation Programme Director
A rapidly growing consultancy specialising in large scale transformation programmes for corporate clients seeks experienced executive consultants who will appreciate their approach to delivering excellence whilst achieving a great work-life balance too.

The digital transformation is a skills and education opportunity for all. 
Who is responsible for ensuring young workers, future workers, and older workers have the required skills to adapt to this evolving world of work? A collective response is required, and business leaders have an essential role to play.

“Purpose is not just the rationale for doing or creating something; it is the life force that keeps you energized and motivated. It fosters physical, mental, and spiritual strength. Purpose is what separates mediocrity from greatness.”
~Brian Solis, author of

Lifescale: how to live a more creative, productive, and happy life


On decision making: Bezos’ Advice for Executives
Here’s a brilliant piece of advice from Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon

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