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FAQ 1: Is a Digital Strategy still relevant?

Lindsay Herbert, author of the acclaimed book Digital Transformation and keynote speaker begins her series answering frequently asked questions on the subject of digital transformation. Here Lindsay answers the question, “Do you need a Digital Strategy still, or should it just be a strategy and digital should fit into that strategy?”.


Hi, I’m Lindsay Herbert, I’m the author of the book Digital Transformation and I’m also a frequent keynote speaker and I often get asked the same questions by audiences regardless of what company I’m speaking for and I thought I would answer those questions once a week on Friday – making them “Friday’s answered questions” and my first FAQ is “Do you need a Digital Strategy still or should it just be a Strategy and digital should fit into that Strategy?”.  And what I say when asked that question is it depends on the state of maturity of the company that you work in, in terms of how it adopts and utilises technology.  If it’s a little bit behind and if looking at new technologies and new ways to innovate isn’t a part of your culture then you probably do need a specific Digital Strategy.  I think the other thing you can look at though is what new technologies are out there that can be transformational for your organisation so for example blockchain – really amazing technology, how you can use it to achieve what it is that your business does, you know, your mission, your reason for existing? If you’re not entirely sure how to use blockchain then having a strategy specific to it could be relevant.  If you’re already experimenting and you’ve already been dabbling in that technology you may not need a specific strategy for it.

Hopefully, that helps to clarify and if you are one of those companies that’s already innovating and on a regular basis trying out new technologies to achieve its core mission then congratulations, you are digitally transformed.  Keep going!


About “Digital Transformation” by Lindsay Herbert
“This book is the ‘Quora’ of Digital Transformation. Lindsay Herbert has done a superb job of outlining and answering so many questions that arise from Digital Transformation, both for business leaders and for consultants. In digital we need to question everything and look for the answer…luckily much of it is here.” –  Peter Abraham, Co-founder, Crank


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