Tsunami News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People #20

News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People #20

Everyone’s talking about it and we’re seeing the effects of digital disruption everywhere particularly on the high street. The tsunami we’ve all been reading about is arriving and it’s no longer good enough to pay lip service to digital transformation. We must now get the right leadership in place armed with the strategies, tools and talent to fend off the threat of disruption and harness the opportunities digitisation can bring. It’s a huge challenge for which most will need urgent help if they are to be successful. Visit our platform if you’re looking for knowledge, talent or services to help you.

~ Tim Ellis, CEO and Founder
The Digital Transformation People

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The Seven Principles of Digital Business Strategy
By Niall McKeown and Mark Durkin
Many books have been written that describe the why and the what of digital transformation but few that tackle the how of digital transformation quite as well as this one. Using their seven principles of digital business strategy Niall McKeown and Mark Durkin take the reader through a series of steps that will leave them with a strategy and a direction of travel that will help them thrive in today’s digital economy. The book provides a framework that frees the reader from the noise of tactical and delivery distractions to focus collaboratively on what really matters strategically to create true and sustainable value.  A good read!


The Shift From Strategic Planning to Strategic Discovery
By Rod Collins
“When the past is a proxy for the future, business leaders can look backwards to accurately forecast the future and build a strategy to make the anticipated future a reality. But what happens when the past is no longer a proxy for the future and the pace of technological change is so rapid that disruptive innovation becomes the norm rather than the exception?”


Why Can’t Nestle Produce Another Nespresso?
By Alexander Osterwalder
Without a preparedness to experiment and kiss a few frogs in the process, it’s unlikely that corporates in common with start ups will ever find their prince unless they’re prepared to play the numbers game.


Scrum, Kanban, and DevOps Sitting in a Tree: Leverage Kanban and DevOps to Improve Scrum
Excellent video with Dave West of Scrum.org and Professional Scrum Trainer Yuval Yeret on Scrum, Kanban and DevOps and how to use them together to deliver products that create value.

A Scrum Master’s Learning Is Never Done
A good insight into the continual learning nature of being a scrum master from Scrum.org’s Eric Naiburg.

Planning for successful digital transformation? Go past the cloud natives
By Divina Paredes
Joseph Pucciarelli of IDC on how traditional companies are showing the way in breaking through digital deadlock.



Evolution of Organization Models
by Jon Ingham
The connections and relationships between people working in organisations are so important that they should be included in our organization models. Jon Ingham presents the Organization Prioritization Model (OPM) as a basis for a better and more modern organization design model.

The Challenge of Scaling Soft Skills
By Lynda Gratton
The World Economic Forum report on future skills argued, it is human “soft skills” that will become increasingly valuable — skills such as empathy, context sensing, collaboration, and creative thinking. However, there are barriers to learning these soft skills so how do we overcome them?

How to Thrive in Uncertainty: The Future of Great Work is Finally Here
By Jeff Wellstead
Have you ever wondered how organisations that go from start up to global leaders in a space of a few years manage to organise themselves, keep focussed and deliver their objectives in a way that frankly most of us are a million miles away from achieving? Jeff Wellstead lifts the lid on one of their secrets of success that now we can all play with.


Words of Wisdom: Lee Odden’s Top 9 Insights on How to Succeed at Influencer Marketing 2.0
By Lee Odden
Emerging from the noisy marketing mix is a promising strategic marketing star that can capture the attention of hard to reach buyers, improve audience engagement, bring insightful perspectives to the forefront, and build brand trust and credibility. Lee Odden explains how you can harness the power of Influencer Marketing 2.0 providing you remain authentic, relevant, and thoughtful in your approach.


A look at how Tokyo will use technology to transform the 2020 Olympics.
Some fantastic and green innovations that may also harbour the true dawn of driverless vehicles.

Here’s a reality check for AI in the enterprise
By Ofer Ben David
“As many enterprise leaders already know — and would-be disrupters are quickly learning — the promise of AI and its reality are, for now, two very different things.”


Winning with your talent-management strategy
The three best practices for managing and allocating talent that support better business performance, according to a new survey.


This is not your father’s Microsoft
by Ian Sherr, Connie Guglielmo
“CEO Satya Nadella knew the culture at the world’s largest software maker needed a fix. Employees and investors are sold. Now he’s got to convince the rest of us.”

Deloitte CIO survey: Traditional CIO role doesn’t cut it in digital era
By Nicole Laskowski
“New findings from Deloitte show CIOs are not evolving with the times. More than half are stuck in ‘trusted operator’ mode, which is quickly becoming obsolete”

The hottest Hypergrowth new hire: Chief People Officer
By Jessica Yuen
“No longer is HR a tactical back office function but more and more, search firms are being asked to find People leaders who can be business partners and key decision makers in company wide strategy and operations.”

“We thought Nokia was innovative because they made 72 handsets a year, until Apple made a single one and it changed the world.”  ~ Tom Goodwin


The Executive Summary: Leading Digital by George Westerman, Didier Bonnet & Andrew McAfee
If you haven’t read Leading Digital by George Westerman, Didier Bonnet & Andrew McAfee then here’s the executive summary of what is still required reading for any leader wanting to understand digital transformation

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