Top 5 Digital Transformation Strategy Myths

Myth 1: Implementing technology is a good strategy that leads to Digital Transformation. Myth 2: Creating operational efficiency is a strategy that leads to Digital Transformation. Myth 3: Improving digital marketing creates a Digitally Transformed organisation. Myth 4: All Digital Transformation strategies are good strategies. Myth 5: Agile, Lean, Sprint etc are Digital Transformation strategy planning techniques.

Strategic planning is where the game of digital transformation is won or lost. Our people and a culture of innovation are required to sustain any new found competitive advantage and technology and communications are the highly important tools we use to assist in the delivery.

So how much time and investment do we put into strategy, creating a culture of innovation and upgrading how our people think and behave in comparison to our technology upgrades?

Almost every unsuccessful digital transformation project fails because of the mistaken belief that the installation of modern technology and working practices will lead to a transformed organisation. Technology can add a few years of extended relevance but rarely creates new sustainable competitive advantage in and of itself. For successful digital transformation, a culture of well resourced deliberate innovation must be created and strategy must be constantly under review.

The telltale signs that a business is becoming a winning ‘digital innovator’ rather than simply ‘doing digital’ can be found in the leadership approach to strategy, culture and innovation.

This is an 11 minute video covering the 5 Myths. The video includes many insights from leading thinkers in the world of strategy, digital transformation and experts in creating competitive advantage.



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The best way to create a strategy for digital transformation is to use a digital transformation framework. You can find more information on the world’s most advanced digital transformation framework by clicking the image below:



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