FAQ 4 data and technology regulation

FAQ 4: Do I think data and technology are being regulated enough?

Lindsay Herbert, keynote speaker and author of the acclaimed book ‘Digital Transformation’ continues her series answering frequently asked questions on the subject of digital transformation.

Here Lindsay answers the question, “Do I think data and technology are being regulated enough?”

“To anyone who’s had to apply the murky vagueness that is GDPR to something you’re actually deploying, I share your pain. That said, I do think it’s a positive step towards an overdue goal…”


Hi, and welcome to this Friday’s “Answered Question” which is: “Do I feel that data and technology is regulated enough?”

Now, this question tends to be asked more by audiences in regulated sectors such as pharma or finance, and to them I always say that, “No, I don’t think that there’s enough regulation around the use of data and how technology can be used, especially when it comes to personal information and in different countries around the world.

However, I also recognise that this is changing and that one of the biggest catalysts of change in this space is the understanding and the growing awareness of everyday, ordinary citizens to how their data has been used in the past for maybe not the best means and intentions.

Now, I think there’s a huge responsibility on companies and people in positions that have access to data to start to impose their own set of regulations. What is a responsible way to not just gather and use but store as well, people’s data. And are you really set up for a long term future? If your housing data that’s going to be around for thirty years, for example, are you prepared for advances in quantum computing, which are going to change the way that encryption stands up to attacks, you know, in the potentially very near future?

So, I think the responsibility starts with all of us, but I also know that governments, agencies, regulators around the world are catching up and that’s in response to everyday, ordinary citizens realising: “Hey, wait a minute, this data of mine, this is valuable.”

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