Questions board members can ask to effectively govern a transformation  

The Board plays a fundamental role in a Transformation’s success. It needs to satisfy itself that there is clear ambition and direction for the Transformation, that leadership are up for the challenge, if the right value pools have been identified, the metrics that will change, that a robust plan is in place for implementation and the right balance is being achieved between transforming and operating the business.

In today’s world, business transformations have morphed from one-time special projects to a never-ending series of transformations without clear end dates.  Whilst the idea of always transforming is appealing it risks outcomes being delayed or not being delivered.

Here are questions Board members can use:

🗞 Proposal Phase:

1, Impact: How will the Transformation impact show up in our financials?
2, Buy-in: How committed is the Board, Executive and Investors to the outcomes?
3, Strategic Choices: What alternative options were ruled out that led to this being the proposed way?
4, Extent of Change: Does this represent a material change to the agreed strategy, plan, and budget?
5, Value Case: What is the value case and time frame for delivery?
6, End State Vision: What are we transforming to?
7, Psychological safety: How will we create psychological safety for our people going through the change?
8, Execution: How will we create and direct resources that are ring-fenced from operational budgets and performance metrics?

🏁 Pre- Mobilisation Phase:

1, External Help: Will support will be needed to help us achieve our ambition?
2, Risk Management: What principle new risks does this add or solve for?
3, Momentum: How will we sustain the momentum needed over time?
4, Value case: How will we track on the business case and ensure the value is delivered?
5, Capacity/Capability: Do we have the capability & capacity to mobilise the transformation?
6, Financial Return: How can we deliver the transformation in a way that early financial return can be reinvested in subsequent phases?
7, Non-Financial Return:  What broader benefits will be delivered?
8, Phasing: Can we break the transformation journey down into phases and what is the change approach?

🦋 Throughout the transformation:

1, Tracking benefits: Are we on track to deliver what we set out to?
2, Leadership: Do we have the right level of leadership and sponsorship?
3, Roadblocks: What roadblocks have come up that need to be addressed?
4, Stakeholder Management: Do we have the right level of engagement?
5, BAU: How are we effectively managing BAU in parallel?
6, Temperature Check: What is the climate/culture like?  How are people feeling?
7, Capability: Are we delivering new capabilities we set out?  Can we move beyond pilots to full scale implementation?
8, Sustain the Change: What’s the plan to sustain the change?

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