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London , United Kingdon
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About Seven Transformation Ltd

Seven, is a company that specialises in business transformation consulting founded by Karen Thomas-Bland, an expert in business transformation, with a focus on leading complex enterprise-wide transformations, M&A integrations, and strategic value creation. She has significant experience as a global board-level adviser, partner-level management consultant, and non-executive director.  Karen’s expertise lies in driving strategic value creation through transformative initiatives, making her a highly regarded professional in the field of business transformation and change management.

Seven, can help businesses overcome a range of business challenges and problems, including:

  1. Business Transformation and Integration: Seven specializes in transforming and integrating complex, listed, and private equity-backed global businesses, making them an ideal partner for organizations in need of comprehensive business transformation expertise
  2. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): With experience leading over 50 M&A integrations, Seven can provide valuable support to businesses navigating the complexities of M&A activities, ensuring a smooth integration process and strategic value creation
  3. Strategic Value Creation: Karen and her team are experts in driving strategic value creation through transformative initiatives, making them a valuable resource for businesses seeking to enhance their strategic positioning and overall value
  4. Digital Transformation: Seven can assist businesses in implementing digital business models and digital transformation programs, helping organizations adapt to the digital age and stay competitive in their industries
  5. Turnaround and Rejuvenation: For businesses that have initiated a transformation or turnaround but are not seeing the desired results, Seven can provide the expertise needed to rejuvenate the process and achieve outcomes more effectively.
  6. Advisory Services: Karen Thomas-Bland offers advisory services as a portfolio chair in private equity-backed businesses and as an interim/fractional advisor for corporates on business transformation and M&A integration, providing valuable guidance to organizations in various stages of transformation.

Overall, Seven’s expertise encompasses a wide range of business transformation challenges, from M&A integrations to digital transformation, making them a comprehensive partner for organisations seeking to address complex business problems and drive strategic change.

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Business Transformation , M&A Integration , Post merger integration, Management Consulting, Coaching, Interim Executives, Board and Leadership, Restructuring, Turnaround, Strategy Execution, and Mentoring

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