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London , United Kingdon
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About Seven Transformation Ltd

As business transformation consultants based in London, we help you tackle your most ambitious, complex projects and build new capabilities, under three distinct service lines. This suite of business transformation and integration services helps you tilt the odds to achieve extraordinary results. All of these approaches are underpinned by tools, methodologies and technologies to enable real, sustained change.

Our key services are:

Strategy & Execution 

You’ve crafted a strategy for your business, perhaps launched it in the organisation and now need a business transformation partner to help you review and refine it, then implement it across the business.

We help you to:

  • determine your market dynamics.
  • find quick wins or ‘no-regret’ steps.
  • establish a transformation office.
  • build workstreams with clear terms of reference.
  • develop an implementation roadmap.
  • implement key activities.
  • track and realise benefits.

Transformation & Turnaround 

You want to embark on a complex business turnaround or transformation. The rationale could be a financial imperative, like growth plateauing, threat from a disruptive competitor, the opportunity to ride a global megatrend (e.g. progress to net zero) or the result of systematic planning for the future. Or maybe you’re new in role and need support to figure out what the next 12 or 36 months look like.

We help you to:

  • identify business potential through key value drivers.
  • plan bottom-up.
  • rationalise your portfolio to make room for the transformation.
  • establish a transformation or turnaround management office (TMO).
  • sequence work plans and initiatives.
  • pilot, test, syndicate and scale initiatives.
  • implement performance management to drive out results.
  • realise the value case.

Mergers & Acquisitions 

You’ve decided to acquire or sell a business and need a partner to plan and execute the integration or separation to achieve the value case. You need someone who can come in and plan and execute the separation and integration, taking care of all aspects of the deal to deliver the synergies.

We help you to:

  • develop your deal strategy and integration thesis.
  • build your cost and growth synergy case.
  • establish the integration management office (IMO).
  • establish the target operating model.
  • create the blueprint for day one, +90 and so on.
  • assess day one planning and readiness.
  • bring two cultures together successfully.
  • design and implement key integration initiatives.
  • realise the synergy case.


Business Transformation , M&A Integration , Post merger integration, Management Consulting, Coaching, Interim Executives, Board and Leadership, Restructuring, Turnaround, Strategy Execution, and Mentoring

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