From Managing Performance To Fostering Flourishing – A Presentation By Jon Ingham

I was invited by Otti Vogt and Antoinette Weibel to give an introduction to changes and evolution in performance management as part of a meeting to kick off a project to reinvent performance management to make business flourish, linked to related work on good leadership, and the HR Congress Horizon Summit.

I was delighted to accept Otti’s invitation and to share the recording I made for the project below.

Key Topics Covered

  • The video discusses using objectives and principles to inform the design of an effective performance management system for an organization.
  • It notes that the main objectives for performance management are often focused on learning and development, differentiating rewards, or executing strategy – rather than primarily on keeping people motivated.
  • The video suggests that if the goal was to design a process to help people and organizations truly flourish, it would likely look quite different from traditional performance management approaches.
  • I discuss what exploring what a “flourishing-focused” performance management system might entail, and hopes that Otti’s project will explore this area.

What Viewers Can Learn

In addition to the insights covered earlier, I also cover:

  • Frameworks and best practices for using objectives and design principles to shape an organization’s performance management approach
  • Perspectives on the common goals and limitations of traditional performance management systems
  • Ideas and inspiration for rethinking performance management to better support employee and organizational flourishing
  • Potential directions that innovative, “flourishing-focused” performance management systems could take. 


Next Steps

I hope you found the presentation useful and if you’re interested in going into this in more depth, please follow the link Strategic HR Academy’s Performance Management Re-engineering course and study group, which particularly features some of the main case studies of organisations that have fundamentally changed their approach.

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