Digital Transformation and YOU (The Essence of Leadership in the 21st Century)

You cannot be a true leader in today’s digital age unless you understand the power of Digital Transformation. You do not have to be a digital native or digital wizard but unless you understand how to control and master the digital energy force which applies to your sector, you will be severely disadvantaged and indeed could be providing a disservice to your staff and your organisation.

But Digital Transformation is not and does not lead to automation of the Leadership function and does not replace YOU as the leader. It simply gives YOU better information and mastery over the new energy force of digital. The essence of Leadership in the 21st century is similar to the process of food metabolism and is created by taking in digital food (digital information and energy) and converting it into Leadership energy – this process involves YOU. Just like the process of metabolism (you do not become the food you eat – it turns into you), the Leadership process takes in digital food and allows it to become part of YOU as the new leader.

So the essence of Leadership today involves YOU and your relationship to Digital Transformation. Just as with our nutritional diet we need guidelines or a framework to stick to so that we don’t fall back into old habits or miss out in gaining the full benefit of our new nutrition or Digital Transformation plan.

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At Ionology we have invented the only peer reviewed Digital Transformation Framework, which has been academically validated to ensure a smooth Digital Transformation process. This validation aspect is so important because just like a nutrition framework it is so easy to follow guidelines that have not been tested or proven to benefit you.

The Ionology Digital Transformation Framework has been academically tested and we have a body of case studies showing how its use assists Digital Transformation but the process needs YOU as the leader and your leadership team to make it happen.

In their book Why should anyone be led by you?, the authors Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones state that the best way to lead is ‘To be yourself with more skill’. In today’s digital age Digital Transformation skills are now an essential element of leadership.

These are not scary skills that should make any leader feel uncomfortable. They will not dampen your authenticity but rather help your authenticity shine through. Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones point out that to have a low skill base and to try and be someone you are not leads to a ‘David Brent style of leadership’.

At Ionology we can help you be yourself with more skill – Digital Transformation Skill and help YOU lead your organisation with a proven Digital Transformation Framework.


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