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Grid edge technology – it’s a fairly new concept in the August utilities industry. Master of Ceremonies Carla Curtsinger looks at what the edge is and what it offers US energy consumers.

“Grid edge technology” – it’s a fairly new concept in the august utilities industry. 
Green Tech Media, an environmental tech research firm, coined the phrase grid edge technology in the spring of 2013, because they felt ‘smart grid’ no longer applied. Instead, it takes an entire system of hardware and software innovations working together to grow and sustain renewable energies. 

So, what’s the edge in grid edge?  It’s the US shift from our traditional centralized electrical system to a more distributed, responsive grid with energy solutions located closer to the consumer.  And grid edge has enormous potential: service stability for your ‘smart home’ when congestion spikes are looming.  Excess energy storage from renewable sources in batteries. Hydrogen production for fuel cell vehicles.  And in an emergency, the ability for schools or municipal buildings to separate from the bulk power grid to provide critical infrastructure.  

In 2015, Greentech Media named their ‘grid edge 20,’ companies who have made a contribution to grid edge transformation through new products and disruptive thinking. Among the honorees: Bit Stew, who has made strides with utility partners to improve data visualization and operator awareness and efficiency, and Schneider Electric, who has impacted every aspect of the grid edge, including circuit breakers, distribution grid gear and control software.  

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