Andy Williams, leader 2016 CIO 100: my most exciting IT development

Save the Children CIO Andy Williams was named as leader of the 2016 CIO 100. This is why 3D printing is his most exciting technology of the year.

Save the Children CIO Andy Williams was named as leader of the 2016 CIO 100, a celebration of UK technology and business executives driving transformation at their organisations, by CIO magazine. 

I met him at a recent CIO Summit, where he spoke passionately about his role, helping people in incredibly challenging environments – both physically and technologically – and about the changing role of the CIO.

We also asked him about what technology was most exciting him over the next 12 months. The Internet of things got an honourable mention, most especially for the improvements it can drive to the supply chain, but Andy’s number one was the still raw potential of 3D printing…

Andy Williams, Global CIO, Save the Children:

“There are a few exciting things happening, some of them are more mature than others. There are two that I’m most interested in:

One is the Internet of Things development and the embedded devices that will be in so many of our supply chains and that for us is a big factor.  But, maybe the one that I’m really excited about is 3D printing.  I think we’re going to be astonished in 2-3 years’ time at just the amount of things that we would never have thought of that are being printed, rather than manufactured.  And I think that this will change the way that international humanitarian aid gets manufactured and distributed, so it’s very exciting”.

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