Controls to protect from RANSOMWARE

A Checklist for controls to protect from Ransomware:


  1. Block access to websites with unwanted content.
  2. Apply right Patches at right time without failure.
  3. Installation of next generation firewall.
  4. Block incoming emails on the SMTP server, removing emails from user inboxes, warn users to not click on certain links and attachments.
  5. Block malicious URLs on the web proxy, identify computers that visited malicious websites using the proxy logs.
  6. Deploy custom AV signatures to block certain files to be downloaded.
  7. Implement  Application white listing.
  8. Identify and/or block traffic on NIDS and the proxy.
  9. Monitor end-user devices and shared folders for certain file extensions, such as .abc, .xxx, .yyy, .zzz
  10. Monitor endpoints for ransomware related text or HTML files in the desktop folder.
  11. Back Up Everything and maintain Offsite Backups
  12. Modify browser security settings to detect unauthorized downloads.
  13. Do not install unknown programs.
  14. Prior to downloading software, be sure to review any associated license agreements or privacy statements.
  15. Do not click on a link within pop-up windows. Close popups by clicking the “x” in the upper right-hand corner of the window, not by clicking the buttons located within the window.
  16. Create and practise Good awareness on Phishing Attacks.

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