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In our latest GDS Video Snack, Shawna Ryan, Editor at Meet The Boss TV, asks the Global eCommerce Director at Mondelez International, why even major brands like Oreo find it necessary to study customers’ online search habits in order to win the buybox.

Neil Ackerman, Director, Global eCommerce, Mondelez:
On the internet, on e-commerce, it’s a one screen world and in a one screen world, he who wins the buy box wins the sale”.

Not long ago, print journalism upheld the mantra that in order to have anyone read your story, you had to be above the fold.  It’s a sentiment that has translated to the online world of sales marketing.  Neil Ackerman, the Global e-Commerce Director for Mondelēz International, one of the world’s largest snacks companies with power brands such as Oreo and Nabisco, and a presenter of the GDS International CMO Digital Marketing Summit in Austin, Texas says when searching for an item for purchase, the first few results of that search tend to get the sale.

Neil Ackerman, Director, Global eCommerce, Mondelez:
There’s over 90% chance based on data that we have that I know whoever wins the buy box is going to convert to the sale, so there’s over a 90% chance the customer is going to buy that anyway because it came up!”

Ackerman says when increasing your search options – don’t go for just the obvious choices of adjectives and variations. Account for typos and misspellings as well. He says Oreo increased its search terms from 9 to 500 – they soon after became a #1 best seller flag in assorted snack cookies in Prime pantry. It’s not the only component of optimizing your content, but it’s a critical initial step.

Neil Ackerman, Director, Global eCommerce, Mondelez:
You want to make sure that you’re optimized to win the buybox and when you do win the buybox you want to make sure you keep it by having great content and being in stock and all of that will spin the flywheel to allow the business to grow”.


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