How the CIO can improve customer service by 65% right now

Rogers Communications saw a 65% increase in customer satisfaction and a 65% decrease in customer complaints by doing one simple thing…

Two thoughts this week about technology-enabled communication.

One: you should be looking at for your business right now, and something to think about tomorrow.

To do now. Mary Meeker’s always excellent Internet Trends report for KPCB was published last month. Slide 104 of 213 – Hyatt hotels started offering customer service on Facebook Messenger. They saw a twentyfold increase in messages received within one month.

Rogers Communications did the same. They saw a 65% increase in customer satisfaction, and a 65% decrease in customer complaints. Customer service on Facebook Messenger: feels like a no brainer to me.

And something to think about: why we’ll still need hugs and the unstoppable rise of the emoji. This is Jeff Pulver, VoIP Pioneer & Communications Visionary, who we spoke to earlier in the year at Mobile World Congress:

Jeff Pulver – VoIP Pioneer & Communications Visionary:

“I’m looking at the continuing evolution of how people connect, how we share, how we engage. How is it that we’re now a swipe to the right society? I don’t get that.

If you imagine when you were in high school if you could actually be blocked by your friends. How crazy is it to our mental state that there’s an entire generation growing up, you just say block. They don’t exist anymore? Are they invisible? How does that affect the way we’re connecting individually?

So as far as where the future goes, it’s going to be interesting to see how we evolve, but until we can figure out a better replacement to a hug, I don’t think that we have to worry too much about technology changing – taking over our lives. But people do get lazy. And not everyone is able to communicate with words what they feel”.



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