Five Great Videos That Define The Future of Retail

For those that have seen me speak around the world, you will recall my passion for sharing innovative videos that with few or no words convey powerful messages. The days of busy PowerPoint charts are over. For my entire career, the mantra has been “less words, more graphics”. In a world where our attention span is down to 8 seconds, even 140 or less Twitter characters are too much to actually read.

Video is the new medium required to package successful branding. The following are my current favorite future predicting retail technology videos.

The Department Store of the Future

“There comes a time, a time for growth and change, (and) a new way to engage our guests, welcome to the future of modern, Southern, style.” These words introduce Belk’s Department Store of the Future.

This great video confirms the requirement for personalized consumer experiences; reinforces the power of digital screens in driving the future of retail; predicts the increased importance of the smartphone as the gateway to the smart store.

The Technology is Second to the Consumer Experience

In July 2014, the apparel retailer Inditex announced the global deployment of RFID. All the technology benefits of RFID were cited in the public announcement by the CEO as part of their Annual General Meeting.

The companion video released by Inditex illustrates all the key RFID uses bases. The keen viewer will quickly realize that it’s not about the technology. It is about finding that medium skirt when the customer is ready to buy.

We All Hate Standing in Line

In December 2016, Amazon announced their physical store entry into the grocery sector. Amazon Go is a blend of mobile technologies, new visual sensors, Prime program participation, all combining to eliminate checkout lines.

An article in 1989 stated that the average USA consumer spends five years of their lives waiting in line. Technology has made several attempts to solve this problem with Amazon Go being the latest.

The more important messages from this video are Amazon’s investments in physical stores. The brick-and-mortar store is not dead. It needs to evolve and solve the problem of people hating to stand inline.

Sustainable Personalized Experiences

Fast Retailing teamed with Accenture to introduce their version of the Uniqlo store of the future. Once again lots of digital interaction with wearables added as a new connectivity medium.

The most important message delivered by this video is the future focus on delivering environment sustainable personalized shopping experience. The consumer and the brand merge in building unique shopping experiences.

Retail Disruption Will Continue

The biggest holiday shopping day is now in China. On November 11, the Chinese celebrated “Singles Day” and in 24 hours period they purchased $17.8 billion on Alibaba’s e-commerce site. This year, the shopping experience included a virtual global retail tour with stops at Macy’s flagship store in NY.

This video reinforces several global retail disruption themes. The East is bypassing the West with new innovations. E-commerce models are leveraging new technologies faster than stores to extend the physical shopping aisle. Technology is re-defining the retail shopping experience. 

Please share any videos that you find insightful on the same subjects. Thank you.

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