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Connecting On Social Media

The power of Social Media makes its mark again with me. Just going about my business making my new Video/Slide Show for ArtEnvy Inc. using my Animoto online tool and I come across this great jazzy back beat and chose it to warm up the message as I really liked the feel and the experience it left me with.

I then decided to look into the origin of the music and the name of the artist Abstract Artform also resonated with me as a visual arts person. I then looked further and found out that this artist actually lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba and his name is Shea Malcomson and he’s a pretty talented music producer among many things.

A Google search brings up the attached video and the surprise continues as now I see that there’s more to the song than the simple backbeat I chose for my presentation. Catchy lyrics and even more jazz.

I checked out the social media platforms for Abstract Artform and found his Twitter account, followed him and sent him a message. We’ve come full circle as we exchanged messages online and we have now come to Facebook where we also both reside and a new connection and hopefully collaborative relationship begins.

In my daily conversations with clients I talk about the power of Social Media and so you have no idea how pleased I am to present this real life story as it went down today, and in fact, is at this moment still live.

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I know you won’t believe it but as I’m at my desk working on yet another project I get a LinkedIn request from Yvonne Thevenot a Change Management consultant in Toronto, and find that she has not only liked my latest presentation but shared it with her own network and underlined the fact that she is none other than Shea Malcolmson’s mother.

Check out the original video from Shea Malcolmson and his collaborators as they pull this really hot number together. After all, we could all use some “Summer In The City” right now.

Summer In The City – Abstract Artform

Incidentally, I have adopted the number and it plays in my Facebook Header. Check it out

ArtEnvy Inc.

Enjoy connecting everyone, you never know where the next link will take you, and remember to engage.


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