Digital Transformation Plans Strategy - Right Practice #1

Digital Transformation Strategy – Right Practice #1

What happens if your digital transformation plans are short-sighted, dispersed and not strategically aligned?
Mobin Barati of MOBIN Enterprise looks at the right practice for Digital Transformation in his ten part series.


Market General Approach

Advisors support corporate decision makers to identify fit-for-purpose digital solutions to individual business challenges, helping their thinking yet inside the BOX!

Right Practice

The advisors who approach their role as Digital Guides will help their clients to focus on the potential digital solutions that support their key strategic goals, among all the other possible options. They help their clients think inside a bigger box.  You may like to read this these articles Thinking Inside A Bigger Box and Best Practice and Right Practice.

Short-sighted, Dispersed and Not Strategically Aligned Digital Transformation Plans

Almost every enterprise has embarked on a digital transformation journey. Many of these plans are short-sighted and dispersed also not-strategically aligned. Majority of companies are developing apps or portals only because their rivals are doing so. The IT Scrum Teams are delivering slightly faster solutions. Several departments are individually investing in data mining, analytics and management reporting. According to CEB, “about 7 in 10 heads of Strategy report having too few large digital investments (67%) and too few transformational digital investments (71%)”.

This is a mistake.

Strategy & Innovation Consultation

Thinking Inside Bigger Box with Digital Transformation Yield Good Results

Enterprises that allocate the necessary financial and human resources to digital transformation plans are seven times more likely to create value from those plans, and their investments in digital transformation plans are 6.7 times more likely to support them achieve five-year revenue objectives.

Only A Digital Worker? NO!

Advisors MUST intervene to help enterprises design the right digital transformation plans. A Digital Guide is much more effective than a classic Digital Worker. Decision Makers who don’t receive the support from a Digital Guide should start asking it from their strategy advisors. Advisors that act as Digital Guides are four times more likely to help their enterprises to make digital transformation plans, according to CEB.

How Digital Guides make a Difference

Digital Guides help Decision Makers through

  • understanding what is happening in the external environment,
  • finding the organisation’s options,
  • determining where the organisation should focus its actions.

Where Digital Workers bring new technologies to the attention of decision makers, Digital Guides help decision makers to understand where the market is going to with respect to digital.

Where Digital Workers find new digital spending opportunities, Digital Guides design and confirm new business models.

Where Digital Workers focus on the value of digital spending and compare the Return of Investment, Digital Guides focus on the shortcomings of the current digital plans.

Also A Digital Guide? YES!

Digital Guides are four times more likely than Digital Workers to achieve enough support for the investment in digital transformation plans. As more departments of the enterprise spend more on digital solutions, it’s essential that advisors manage the creation of short-sighted, dispersed and not strategically aligned initiatives by guiding the decision makers toward investment in digital transformation plans that that support key strategic goals.


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