7 Senior Executive LinkedIn “Must Dos”

Senior executives need to embrace social as a means of communicating both externally and internally. Through leading by example, they will inspire those leading the social business charge to accelerate and those who approach it with trepidation to engage

Seven (7) Senior Executive LinkedIn “Must Dos”

  1. Optimize your profile. Seek the needed expertise internally or externally to ensure that your profile is the best representation of you and your brand.
  2. Connect with your leadership team, employees, clients and partners. Growing your network demonstrates your digital currency and makes you more approachable.
  3. Become proficient in social communication skills. Learn the “science of social media” to sharpen your digital skill set and give your team a good example to follow.
  4. Make social communications part of your regular daily routine. Find a cadence that works best for you. Start with 5 minutes in the morning, midday and at the end of your work day to get started.
  5. Promote content from the corporate LinkedIn page, website and blog on LinkedIn. Amplifying corporate content and that of your employees is critical. Make sure you are also promoting the content of other relations and not just that of your organization.
  6. Amplify the brands of your employees without a goal of reciprocity. Lean in and get to know the social business leaders in your organization. Make the effort to assist them in building their brands and voice and give rise to their reputation and influence through your own.
  7. Become an original content creator. Write a blog or record a video in your own voice and with personal experiences to invoke engagement and demonstrate emotion.

The Social Moment: The moment when an individual or an organization realizes that social business is mainstream and integral to its future success.

As a senior executive, transparency will result in a surprising level of internal and external followership, advocacy and goodwill.

Disruption in communication is a reality and social media will change, but it is here to stay. Make the effort, share your successes and follies with your team and your network and show the way forward.

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