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Contact us at, Boston, NJ, United States
1 (617) 448 4255
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2014

About Socially Savvy

Socially Savvy works with businesses, executives and educational & government institutions to provide social media training solutions.

We provide three core solution offerings.

1. Social Business & Personal Brand Building Course


• Enable and amplify the student’s personal brand building skills through the use of social media,
• Accelerate the student’s social business acumen to enhance communication and proficiency with social media, and
• Train to a common basics standard in social business to improve career and technical readiness.


• Social Benchmark
• Social Activation Workbook
• Social Skills Training

Duration: 1 Week / 5 Hours

2. Executive Social Business Benchmark & Workshop


• To benchmark and activate key executives in an effort to lead the organization’s social business program by example, and
• To establish a vision and provide a framework to drive internal consensus among key stakeholders about the social program and direction.


• Executive Social Profile Benchmark
• Executive Social Advisory & Profile Optimization
• Social Business Workshop

Duration: 2 Weeks

3. Social Business Activation Program


• To activate employee social brands and learn the science of social business,
• To provide the tools to own and manage the social business program evolution, and
• To provide a baseline metrics framework to allow for measurement of progress over time.


• Social Benchmark
• Social Activity Alerts
• Social Activation Workbook & Workshop
• Social Skills Training
• Social Reference Library & Leader Board
• Executive Coaching

Duration: Approximately 4 Weeks

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