7 Reasons to Choose Animation

At Molten, we created a fun animated explainer video, using colourful characters transported back in time to a medieval joust.  The video both entertained and explained the process really quickly, so people who wanted a home loan could immediately see the benefit.  Before you shoot your next video using live action, here are a few reasons to consider using animation for your project.  

1.  To add interest 

Animation can be used to make a dry topic much more interesting.

2.   To simplify

Explainer videos can be used to simplify a complex process, product or service.

3.   To save money

Sometimes it’s just too difficult or expensive to shoot the real thing.

4.   To get your staff on board

Explaining the company’s new product or service visually helps everyone in your organisation get on the same page, and fast.

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5.   To reach more people

Videos are really effective on your website — Google loves video and people do too. Most people are much more likely to watch a 60 second video than read lots of text.

6.   To make your message more memorable

People are visual and are much more likely to remember an animated video.

7.   To create a new reality

We can create imaginary scenarios. With animation, the sky’s the limit.

Good animation can help win new business

One of our clients uses animation regularly to great success when pitching for new business. Showing one of their quite complex processes to a prospective client in an animation helps get their message across in a simple, effective way. And helps seal the deal.

Joust animation — explaining a new concept quickly

The explainer video we created in 2016 for new business, Joust was designed to get their message across quickly and simply to their target audience — people looking for a home loan. As the name suggests, Joust is a competition but with a twist — it’s the banks doing the competing, to get your business. It worked a treat. Check it out here 


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