5 Ways to Boost TRUST in Your Trades Services Business.

With so many Trades Services companies offering more or less the same services, what chance does your local business have to even get noticed, let alone be remembered and contacted for potential work?? The secret to finding long-term success lies in building a trusted relationship with your customers.

  • Is your business easy to reach in case of an emergency situation?
  • Do you respond to Customer requests in an efficient manner?
  • What do others have to say about your service?

These and many other factors contribute towards establishing you as a trusted provider in the eyes of your customers.

Today, customers are looking for businesses they can count on when going gets tough, and when it comes to building trusted relationships there can be no better way of doing it than to deploy a Customer Experience Management (CXM) solution for your small business.

So how can a CXM platform can boost Customer trust in your service? Let’s dive in!

Transparent recommendations from Customers

No matter how much you invest in your marketing, it can’t compare to the credibility and effectiveness of transparent customer recommendations!

Recommendations, ratings and reviews from customers who have actually experienced your service can be an invaluable source of generating new referral customers for your business. Irrespective of how flashy a website you have or how long you have been in business, ultimately it’s your reputation that speaks and it’s your reputation that sells.

A Customer Experience Management solution that allows Customers to not only skim through hundreds of ratings and reviews about your Trades Services business but also leave their own recommendations, can continue to pay off for years.

Building Relationship with your Customers

There are not a lot of places to go to online when your Customers are looking for a quality trades services provider. The few they find will have an obvious disconnect and there is absolutely no way of knowing how credible their service may or may not be.

But what if your Customers could access a list of qualified, licensed and reputed trades people in their local area right from their mobile and connect with them directly to request a quote? A customer experience management platform that bridges the gap between customers and trades services companies can help boost customer confidence in your service and strengthen your business credibility.

Utilising Social Media to Build Credibility

Sharing blogs and marketing material through social media has become the norm, but what can set your business apart are sharing the experiences your customers have with your service.

Customers want to know who they are dealing with and social media can be a great way to show the faces behind your Trades Services business and the actual work your team is capable of delivering. In conjunction with a customer experience management platform that can show them this in real time, this creates a powerful credibility building impression.

When your customer experience management platform allows your customers to share the work you’re doing too, there is an exponential positive effect. This can be a genuine way of promoting your business online, without allocating any additional time or cost to your online marketing budget – a definite win-win!

Service Delivery Focused On Quality

Last but not the least is the quality of service delivered by your trades services business. The ability for small businesses to quickly respond to customers’ requests and have all the information they need to perform the job efficiently at their fingertips can be their sole differentiator.

Customer Experience Management platforms that allow trades services to demonstrate customer knowledge and service history when responding to queries is a sure shot way to garner customer trust. Automating job scheduling, routing field workers based on job priority, fast fixes and presenting customers with digital invoices telling them exactly what services parts or equipment they have been charged for, all contribute towards strengthening company image and sustaining Customer trust!

Timely & Personalised Communications

Nothing can be more frustrating for your Customers than to be blindfolded on a job no matter how big or small it may be. From quotation request to job completion, today’s tech savvy Customers want to stay on top of their projects at every stage!

A Customer Experience Management solution keeps your Customers in the loop with respect to the tradie that will service them, when the project will start and end and timely responding to any queries that come in as the project progresses, making them feel in control of the job and more likely to trust your with future assignments.


Businesses that want to sail ahead of their competitors need to build trusted relationships with their Customers or they will sink in an ocean filled with hundreds of providers with little or no service differentiation.

The Australian Trades Services industry is already witnessing an investment increase in reputation building by small to medium businesses and the only way to beat competition is to make a move before they do!

i4Tradies is one such Customer Experience Management platform that gives Trades Services business owners the peace of mind they are looking for and simplifies the life of their customers by minimizing paperwork and streamlining business processes with accurate on-demand information, timely work updates, maintaining essential business documents, and building a trust based relationship between service providers and their customers.

Are you seeking to revolutionise your “Trades Services’ business by going digital?
Feel free to contact us and we’ll show you how i4Tradies can help improve your bottom-line and increase profitability.


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