5 LinkedIn Social Listening Tips

Whether you are in marketing, sales, HR, operations, IT or the executive suite, listening to the market and your customers via non-branded channels is mandatory. Do you know how to listen to your customers on social media? Below are 5 social listening tips to improve your understanding of the market and your customer’s interests and social business behavior.

5 Social Listening Tips

1. On LinkedIn, curate your news feed by actively improving the relevance of content shared with you. To do this, click on the three dots above a piece of content in your activity feed where you have the option to “Hide the post,” “Unfollow (person or organization),” or “Report this post,” as appropriate. This will improve the relevance of content provided to you.

2. On your contact’s profile pages under Highlights, click on “See more” to expose your mutual connections, who your contact can introduce you to, groups you have in common and work experiences you share.

3. On the profile of a contact or organization, peruse the Activity to gain a better understanding of current content interests. This is a good indicator of priorities and provides a basis for relevant communication outreach.

4. On a contact’s profile, scroll to the bottom and click “See more” under the “Following” section to view Influencers, Companies, Schools and Groups followed by your contact. This provides an opportunity to see personalized interests and activities.

5. Review the detail provided on a contact’s Experience section, particularly their current role. Information provided describes responsibilities and accomplishments in your contact’s own words. Mentioning specific, relevant insights about your contact’s job and successes shows that you have done your homework and are actively researching to be relevant.

Bonus tip: Volunteer Experience and Causes and Accomplishments sections highlight a contact’s true passions and interests. Leverage the knowledge to connect on a personal level.

Take Aways

·   Be curious. Develop social listening habits by scheduling time to learn more about the contacts in your network.

·   Be engaged. Be present and active in both listening to and participating in the market and customer communications on social channels.

·   Be respectful. As with all business interactions and communications, maintain professionalism. The right to communicate is earned through a series of touch points. Be transparent, authentic and yourself.


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