3 Key Content Creation Responsibilities

At a time when content is washing over consumers and the creation and sourcing of content by brands is proliferating, three key responsibilities need to be kept front of mind.

Content must be:

  1. Fact-based. Grounding content with evidence and concrete facts will build trust with your audience. Telling your story and building the case with certitudes and genuine experiences contributes to your authority and builds a reputation that is reliable and substantive.
  2. Informative and helpful. Be useful and inspiring. Illuminating or revealing insights or actions that constructively explain and instruct will bring your audience back. Grounding your content in and defining “what’s in it for them” will pay dividends as you build value and loyalty with your network.
  3. Authentic. Original, trustworthy content defines you as credible and legitimate. Creating your own content provides a degree of transparency that is only derived from your real voice and beliefs.

3 Key Content Marketing Statistics (
Content Marketing Institute)

  • The median time people spend on articles is 37 seconds.
  • Content marketing adopters achieve conversion rates that are 6x higher than that of traditional marketers.
  • While content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, it generates more than three times as many leads.

Providing your audience with content that is informative and in context effectively builds your reputation, authority and influence, and is the key to content marketing success.

In 2017, content marketers will work like product managers.


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