Digital Program: preparedness checklist


Project preparedness is critical activity towards effective change management, in digital programs that have an enterprise-wide impact. Examples:

  • Projects that impact over 50+ users
  • Projects that will impact several offices across locations
  • Projects that will impact significant number of business processes
  • Projects that will introduce a new enterprise-wide application

It is important to ensure Digital program goals are in line enterprise goals and to stakeholder needs. There is comprehensive coverage of enablers:

  • Principles, Policies and Frameworks
  • Processes
  • Organizational structure
  • Culture, Ethics and Behavior
  • Information
  • Services, Infrastructure and Applications
  • People, Skills and competencies


Digital program preparedness activity plan

Wave 1: Processes

Activity List:

1.Create AS-IS documentation

2. Inventorize business requirements


Review of current operating model depicting:

  • Organization (locations, offices etc.)
  • Business Processes (viz. Sales, Purchase, Finance et al)
  • Application (modules/functions viz.)
  • Systems
  • Hardware
  • Infrastructure
  • Creation of Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) governance tool to be used throughout project for scope management. Version 1.0 of RTM will Inventorize AS-IS processes
  • Identify scope for Lean IT processes


Wave 1: Services, Infrastructure and Applications


Activity List:

1.Procurement of Hardware, OS and network components

2.Business Continuity Plan


  • Co-ordinate with hardware & network partners to ensure these are sized to current and future requirements
  • Business Continuity Plan


Wave 2: Principles, Policies and Frameworks & Culture, Ethics and Behavior & People, Skills and Competencies

Activity List:

1.Initiate work on strategy that provide direction for the way change is managed

2.Initiate work on strategy that provide direction for the way project is managed


Guidance on:

  • Training strategy
  • Benefits Management strategy
  • Knowledge transfer strategy
  • Communication strategy
  • Testing strategy

Guidance on:

  • Monitoring strategy
  • Risk and issue management strategy
  • Resource management strategy
  • Quality management strategy


Wave 2: People, Skills and Competencies

Activity List:

  1. Plan for Project Core Team


  • Guidance on Performability and Availability of Core Team members


Wave 3: Organizational structure

Activity List:

1.Identify Project Manager, PMO team, Governance team


  • Guidance on management and governance structure for project
  • Guidance on implementation team and support team structure
  • Work with project implementation PMO & leadership team to impact an effective structure for management and governance of project, before project kick-off
  • Guidance on integrating benefits realization plan with project implementation plan, including oversight in identifying benefits owners and creation of benefit cards

Wave 3: Information

Activity List:


1.Preparation of master data


  • Guidance and oversight to creation of Master data team based on current readiness of master data

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