How To Become A Master Of Analytics?

I was talking to a video editor this morning. He was looking for my guidance on infusing analytics and data science into his career. His analytics aptitude score clearly showed his analytical strength. He was excited and inspired by where this new skill would take him. I was excited about his possible transition into an analytics career in digital marketing or a career that bolstered his creative side with analytics skill.

Think about the possibilities: If you were selecting a video editor for your upcoming marketing campaign, who would you choose?
1.    A video editor with 10+ years of experience, known for his video editing skills
2.    A video editor with 10+ years of experience, known not only for his video editing skills but also his ability to optimize video marketing campaigns using data
The choice is obvious. And it is just as obvious that your future hiring manager will face these choices for his next open req.
Right before my chat with the video editor, I advised a director of engineering who was looking for her next move. She had managed BI teams of 100+ and was wondering where her career would go if infused with analytics. Most of her experience was on the BI side, building and scaling infrastructure to store and render data. But she also really enjoyed a project in which log files of data produced from devices which were part of a massive infrastructure product, were used to understand and fix device failure points.
It is truly exhilarating for me to see data analytics empowered decision making.
These days, I rarely come across a profession or career that can’t improve its decision-making effectiveness with an infusion of analytics skill.
So, YOU have no choice but to get skilled in analytics if you want to be in the workforce over the next decade or so. It’s akin to the smartphone versus the basic cell phone. Those who resisted upgrading to a smartphone soon found themselves behind the times and struggling to catch up with the technology when their basic phones almost disappeared.
Having said that, not everyone needs to be able to pull data using SQL or build a regression model in R.
The analytics skill that can be the rocket fuel for your career is simple business analytics using tools like Tableau and Excel.
And you can master it, I promise, by learning the recipe of analytics systematically. Take your analytics aptitude test here for FREE and if you score 16+, you qualify to learn with me on the Business Professional track. In this track, you first gain skills in Business Analytics by learning and doing every analytics step from data to decisions at least three times.
Once you’ve learned the five main steps and finished the course, you have an opportunity to pick up a live project from your current workflow and apply the framework you have learned right away. The entire program is self-paced.
The course is equivalent to 3 live days so if you start the course this weekend, you could start working on your live project on Monday! And so here is a special Thanksgiving gift for you. If you take the aptitude test right now and score 16 or more, you will be offered a 30% discount on the regular price if you choose to enroll. 
After you have completed the project, you’ll have the confidence to think through any business problem and explore the possibility of bolstering the decision-making using your newly acquired business analytics skills.
We graduate about 100 trainees per year through our individual skill up program, and I can’t tell you how satisfying it is for me personally to see the possibilities revealed when these empowered individuals start making smarter decisions powered by data.
I wish you all the best on your journey to mastering analytics.

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