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About Aryng

Aryng, a global data science consulting and advising company based in Silicon Valley, California, is led by its founder and CEO, Piyanka Jain. Known for its innovative approach to solving complex business problems, Aryng’s proprietary patented framework, BADIRTM, has made a significant impact on enterprises worldwide. With a focus on fast growth and real business impact, Aryng operates with top talent distributed across India, the US, and South America.

  • Startup Services:
    • Leveraging state-of-the-art AI and ML capabilities to establish robust data architectures for startups.
    • Bringing essential data discipline to drive impactful growth at scale.
    • Serving clients such as Life360, Next Trucking, Spreedly, FCTI, Simple Bank, KIVA, and more.
    • Further details available at Startup Services.
  • Enterprise Services:
    • Specializing in crafting data-centric DNA for Fortune 500 companies like Comcast, Google, JMSmuckers, Regeneron, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.
    • Offering tailored data literacy assessments, BADIR powered courses, and practical applications for top data use cases.
    • Delivering millions in measurable business impact for clients.
    • More information can be found at Enterprise Services.

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