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3333 Bowers Avenue. #130, Santa Clara, CA, 95054, United States
+1 408-412-7279
  • Employees: 10
  • Year founded: 2011

About Aryng

Aryng is a Data Science consulting, training and advising company.

Our SWAT Data Science team helps solve complex business problems, develop the company’s Data DNA through Data Literacy programs, and deliver rapid ROI using machine learning, deep learning, and AI.

Our client list includes companies like Google, Box, Here, Applied Materials, Abbott Labs, and GE among others.

We believe Data is the key to unlocking tremendous value in the new digital world. We understand collaborative decision-making by stakeholders, who leverage insights based on data, drives a huge impact.

At Aryng, we are the catalyst that brings stakeholders, data, and decisions together to build better products, create delightful customer experiences, and drive $$$s.



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