How Marketing Researchers Can Be Better Buyers of Marketing Research

In our roles as marketing researchers, we are consumers of marketing research products and services as well as sellers of them. Perhaps we can become more adept at practicing what we preach and become smarter consumers on the job, too.

MR Realities is series of podcasts in which Dave McCaughan and I discuss a wide range of topics important to marketing researchers with special guests. We ask our guests questions you would want to ask, the way you would ask them, not just what we’re interested in. And, we let our guests speak for themselves even when we disagree.

For this installment of MR Realities we’ve invited Mark Earls, a veteran marketing and advertising consultant, author, well-known speaker and true marketing guru. It’s time to do a little judo on ourselves and apply what we’ve learned about how consumers make decisions…on ourselves. Mark will give us some valuable pointers on what to think about when we purchase marketing research products and services ourselves.

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