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About FirstHive

FirstHive is a Customer Data Platform that builds Unique Customer Identities by aggregating data from across all sources of customer interactions and customer transactions. (viz. ERP, CRM, Website, Social, PoS, mobile app, customer care, etc.) It integrates with all the customer touchpoints deployed by a brand to pull in data to a single interface and build rich customer profiles which can be split into relevant, intelligent cohorts. FirstHive also supports creation and execution of customer engagement campaigns across email, SMS, Voice, browser, website, mobile applications, and social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Its advanced customer journey orchestration capabilities enable a marketer to use behavioural triggers from a particular channel to initiate an action in another channel. All this while providing complete visibility through comprehensive dashboards and analytics, and ability to steer the campaigns, in real-time. It thus acts as a ‘System of Intelligence’ that acts as a conduit between the brands’ ‘Systems of Record’ and ‘Systems of Engagement’.

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Marketing Technology, Cross channel marketing, Customer Engagement, Customer Data Platform, CDP, and System of Intelligence

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