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About Accel Management Group

Accel Management Group helps leading high-tech and life sciences companies gain competitive advantage through data-driven Innovation and Operations Consulting. Accel has completed over 500 industry-specific projects over the past two decades and accumulated benchmarking data from the top-performing companies in each sector.

We have successfully delivered well over $2 billion in measurable, bottom-line results to our clients. While providing data-driven results is one of our core competencies, it only comprises one aspect of the value that we deliver.

We are exceptional collaborators, communicators, and change agents who will work to enable the successful implementation of recommendations for improvement. We believe that trusted relationships are essential to the ultimate success of every project.

If your high-tech or life sciences company is looking to accelerate speed to market, drive costs down, increase overall profitability and achieve breakthrough performance, we can help. Our team of experts will deliver data-driven strategies, seamless implementation, meaningful measurement, and optimal results.

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Strategy, Innovation, Operational Excellence, Supply Chain Management

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